Impossible Foods now delivers direct to your doorstep

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Skip the grocery store because Impossible Foods delivers directly to your home.

As plant-based foods become more popular, Impossible Foods is catering to the consumer demand. Although 3,000 grocery stores and many restaurants offer those Impossible Burgers, now consumers can have those plant-based burgers delivered directly to their own homes.

Over the past several years, plant-based foods have seen a huge spike in demand. Whether it is desire to eat healthier, a commitment to the environment, a better flavor option, or a myriad of other reasons, the plant-based food trend continues grow. Given that people are willing to make the change, access to that food has become more important.

Recently, convenience drives consumer spending. From food delivery to online shopping, consumers are making purchases from the couch, not at the store. By bringing goods directly to the consumer, a brand will not only secure its position in the market but also solidify consumer loyalty.

After earning the title of top plant-based burger by the New York Times, Impossible Burger is looking to solidify that designation. Besides being a burger, it can be used in a variety ground meat recipes. From meatballs to chili to various recipes, the versatility helps to keep this brand fresh in cooks’ minds.

For home cooks who are looking to expand their plant-based food recipes, Impossible Foods even has a cookbook. The Impossible: The Cookbook is available for pre-order on Amazon. As home cooks look to expand their recipe collection, the new at-home purchasing options are a direct response to consumer demand.

According to Impossible Foods’ President Dennis Woodside. “Shelter-in-place and social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19 altered our buying and eating habits — and many of these changes are permanent. Our intention is to make Impossible Burger available everywhere people shop and eat, including directly from our online store.”

Available on the new e-commerce website, home cooks have the option to purchase a variety of “packs.” These packs include:

"“Impossible™ Convenience Pack” includes four 12-oz. packages for $49.99“Impossible™ Combo Pack” includes two 12-oz. packages and ten quarter-pound patties for $59.99“Impossible™ Family Pack” includes a single, 5-lb bulk package for $64.99“Impossible™ Grilling Pack” includes twenty quarter-pound patties for $69.99"

Whether your family wants to stock the refrigerator or is planning for a big event, these packages are a great idea. In some ways, summer grilling season could be a perfect way to introduce the plant-based food to skeptics. One taste and they might be converted.

Additionally, Impossible Foods will be expanding its offerings in grocery stores. Given consumer demand and other potential meat shortages, the company is working to make their products available in more stores across the nation. In some ways, this increased availability could make even the biggest carnivore do a taste test.

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Are you an Impossible Foods fan? What is your favorite recipe that uses an Impossible Burger?