Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard, is your red spoon ready to celebrate?

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(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /

Crack into the Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard for the ultimate celebration.

Summer and Dairy Queen are always a tasty combination. The Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard is the 80th birthday celebration that Blizzard fans cannot wait to try. When will you be able to dig your red spoon into this frozen treat?

On June 22, Dairy Queen will be celebrating its 80th birthday. Given that this birthday is a momentous occasion, it makes sense that the quick service restaurant will want to celebrate in a big way. While the summer menu has many tasty treats, a special Blizzard is definitely in order.

Although Dairy Queen has been around for 80 years, the iconic Blizzard was introduced in 1985. When that frozen treat is turned upside down with the iconic red spoon, everyone is ready for a little taste of happy.

According to Best Products, the Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard some people have gotten a sneak peak of that special celebratory Blizzard. Reports say that the Blizzard is filled with “cake pieces, cake batter pieces and icing.” Additionally, it is topped with “whipped cream and colorful confetti candy-like bits.”

As seen in this YouTube Video, the Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard looks to be a celebration in every bite.

Since this Blizzard appears to be a limited edition offering, many people will definitely go in search of a bite. At the same time, the Blizzard might be difficult to find. Sometimes limited-edition offerings sell out quickly.

Also, this Blizzard might be quite sweet. Looking at all the mix-ins and the flavor, the birthday cake flavor needs the vanilla soft serve to reign in the sweetness. Although a chocolate soft serve might have offered a bold color contrast, the vanilla is the better flavor combination.

While this special celebratory Blizzard might be around for a limited time, the Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard could be a great substitute. The coloring is similar, and the flavor is sweet, too. It could be a tasty alternative if you can’t find the Piñata Blizzard.

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Have you found the Dairy Queen Piñata Blizzard? Are you going to search for it?