New Subway $5 footlong promotion has Charlie Puth singing its praises

New Subway $5 footlong promotion, photo provided by Subway
New Subway $5 footlong promotion, photo provided by Subway /

Subway $5 footlong promotion is back and Charlie Puth is singing about it.

After the Twitterverse spoke, Subway responded. The $5 footlong promotion is back. Starting today, everyone can get their favorite footlong sub for just $5 and that is reason to celebrate and maybe sing. Charlie Puth has created a special jingle that might be this summer’s biggest hit.

Restaurant deals are having people skip that home cooked meal for an easier, quicker option. After too many hours spent trying to perfect banana bread or mastering that celebrity chef recipe, everyone is ready for a simple summer.

The return of the $5 footlong is the perfect start to summer fun. Whether it is the kids who are constantly hungry or the easy lunch for a day on the go, these money saving restaurant deals are huge hits with families.

Plus, this special savings can be an easy way to stock up on two meals. Since the promotion is a $5 footlong when you buy two, it is like getting two meals for the price of one. As long as you make sure to label your sub, so JJ doesn’t take TJ’s sub, everyone can have two meals for a great price.

With so many people excited about Subway bringing back the $5 footlong, even Charlie Puth is singing the praises of return of the fan favorite promotion.

Check out this new commercial.

Based on the catchy song, it might be the commercial that you cannot get out of your head all summer long. Even though this promotion is for a limited time, the jingle might go on even longer. Everyone knows that Puth can make a great song, but who knew that he could transform that iconic jingle.

It is interesting that another celebrity is singing the footlong praises. From the Nick Lachey to even the Bachelor alums, it seems that Subway is the one sub sandwich that everyone can appreciate.

Even if people cannot on their favorite sub, must have toppings or bread choice, everyone knows that they can find something tasty at the quick service restaurant.

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Are you ready to get your $5 footlong? Which Subway sub will you order during the promotion?