Super Danimals add an immune support to its popular yogurt

New Super Danimals, photo provided by Danimals
New Super Danimals, photo provided by Danimals /

Why just snack when you can super snack with Super Danimals.

Snack time and kids are classic pairing. With the new Super Danimals, that iconic low-fat yogurt has a new boost. The new yogurt option offers immune system support in every spoonful. While kids might fight to eat other healthy food options, they will happily grab another container of this Danimals to enjoy.

Finding healthy, tasty food that kids like and parents appreciate can be a tricky situation. Parents want food that will support children’s immune system. When a food can balance the nutrition that parents want with the flavor that kids crave, it is a win for everyone.

“As the industry leader in children’s yogurt, we’re always innovating to meet the needs of parents and their families,” said Pedro Silveira, president of yogurt, Danone North America. “We know probiotics better than anyone, putting us in the unique position to launch an immune system-supporting yogurt just for kids.”

As a brand innovator, Danimals understands that flavor often drives kids’ choices but parents want more. This new Super Danimals delivers for both the kids and parents. The flavors are kid-approved and the nutrition is on point.

Available in grocery stores, the three flavors are Cherry Vanilla, Blueberry and Strawberry. These three flavors are classic. While blueberry and strawberry are very common flavors, they have the broadest appeal.

The Cherry Vanilla flavor is the most interesting option of the three. Based just on the name, the flavor could be the sweetest of the three options. In a way, this flavor could be a substitute for a sugary dessert. Why can’t a healthier yogurt be a good dessert option?

Given that there are various yogurts on store shelves, why wouldn’t a parent choose a yogurt option that helps support a child’s immune system. Since kids and parents already trust the Danimals brand, it is an easy swap to try this new yogurt option.

The new Super Danimals should start appearing on store shelves. A package contains six, four-ounce cups. Check with local retailers for pricing.

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What do you think of the new Super Danimals? Will you buy some for your family?