Pop open the new HI-CHEW Candy combination of Ramune and Cola

New HI-CHEW candy, Soda Pop Mix, photo provided by HI-CHEW
New HI-CHEW candy, Soda Pop Mix, photo provided by HI-CHEW /

The new HI-Chew Candy brings together Ramune and Cola for the refreshing soda mix.

In a new flavor twist, the Ramune and Cola combine together in the new HI-CHEW candy flavor. The Soda Pop Mix offers two flavors for the ultimate beverage twist. How many candies will you pop open?

HI-CHEW always finds ways of bringing big, bold flavors to the candy aisle. While these candies are often fruit forward, the options tend to be creative. Looking at recent new flavor options, the exotic fruits introduce candy fans to bolder tastes beyond the typical cherry, lemon and orange.

Recently, HI-CHEW explored the idea of flavor duos. Some classic combinations like pina colada were perfect for the duo options. With an outer layer flavor combined with an inner flavor, it is like having the best of both worlds.

The new Soda Pop Mix combines two popular soda flavors. One, cola, is a familiar flavor to the American palate. Even if people disagree about their favorite colas, everyone knows the cola flavor.

Ramune is a Japanese soda. While the flavor might not be instantly recognizable, the bottle might be a little more familiar. Many people enjoy the action of dropping the marble into the bottle to create that extra carbonation. While there are many flavors of this soda, this candy uses the classic lemon-lime flavor.

For the new HI-CHEW Candy, the chiclets combine the classic cola with the lemon-lime. The idea is to create a refreshing, fizzy taste.

According to Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc., this flavor was developed by the flavor innovation team. The idea was to “mimic the nostalgic, fan-favorite flavors found within the new Soda Pop Mix.”

To celebrate the Soda Pop Mix flavor, HI-CHEW is offering “Buy One Soda Pop Mix, Get One 50% Off” deal. This special offer is available now through June 30 and is available exclusively on HI-CHEW.com.

Why not kick off summer with some flavor innovations. Whether you want to try the new HI-CHEW candy or one of its 16 flavors available in the U.S., there is a HI-CHEW candy that will satisfy your sweet craving.

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What do you think of the new HI-CHEW candy? What do you think will be the next flavor innovation?