Shaq versus Gronk: Who will be the hot wing eating champion?

Shaq’s Fun House vs Gronk Beach, photo provided by DoorDash
Shaq’s Fun House vs Gronk Beach, photo provided by DoorDash /

Only one will be the hot wing eating champion but Feeding American will help millions.

An epic hot wing eating champion will be crowned in a battle of Shaq’s Fun House vs Gronk Beach special live stream event. Sure, Joey Chestnut is a well-known competitive eater, but Shaquille O’Neal and Rob Gronkowski are ready to put their love of food to the test. More importantly, this special event, in partnership with DoorDash is going to raise money for The NAACP and The Boys & Girls Club, as well as DoorDash’s commitment to donate 1 meal per viewer to Feeding America.

On June 27 at 8 p.m. EST, this special, live stream event will air on both as well as Tik Tok. Through a series of special events, the two sports legends will take on various challenges. While the event is meant to be entertaining, it will both raise awareness and funds for charity. It is definitely a party with a purpose.

Putting together Shaq and Gronk is a winning combination. While they have had previous lip sync battles, the two celebrities know a lot about food. From Shaq’s love of fried chicken and Krispy Kreme to Gronk’s favorite doughnuts, these two celebrities are food fans.

Looking at the various challenges, including The Blazin’ Challenge Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings and DoorDash and the McCormick Grill Mates Steak Challenge, foodies will want to watch to see all the tasty bites that will be served.

Ahead of this special event, Shaq and Gronk spoke to DoorDash about some of their favorite foods, popular DoorDash orders and a few other fun facts.

According to Shaq, he uses DoorDash to send food to his family and friends, specifically orders of his Big Chicken. “I surprise my friends when I’m not even in the city with some delicious fried chicken sandwiches. I also love sending my mom’s mac & cheese which we carry at Big Chicken – Mama Lucielle’s Mac & Cheese. Go order it on Door Dash – I promise you it’s the best mac & cheese you’ve ever ate.”

For Gronk, he mentioned that the is in training right now. He said, “Everyone keeps saying I’m skinny Gronk right now so I gotta get some weight back before the season starts. I’m in training mode right now so I am eating a ton!”

Now that Gronk has moved to Tampa, he said that he is “excited to explore the best of DoorDash and the whole dining scene in Tampa!” And, Gronk is part owner in Rocca in Tampa. At the Italian restaurant, he recommends trying “the fresh mozzarella cart that comes right to your table there is nothing like it!”

In the end, the hot wing eating champion is the not the epic moment. This special event brings together people to raise money, awareness and have a little fun in the process. Whether you watch for the banter, the performances or something else, the event can be a few moments where everyone can appreciate a positive moment. Right now, everyone needs more positives in their lives.

And, don’t forget to order some DoorDash while watching the event. From hot wings to pizza to even some dessert, any favorite food is available from DoorDash.

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Who do you think will reign supreme in Shaq vs. Gronk battle? Will you be watching?