Planters Baby Nut brings extra cuteness to snack time

New Planters packaging featuring Baby Nut, photo provided by Planters
New Planters packaging featuring Baby Nut, photo provided by Planters /

Need a reason to grab some Planters? Planters Baby Nut makes snack time adorable.

Snack time just got cuter. Planters Baby Nut has taken over the Planters packaging for a limited time. Can anyone resist that adorable little peanut?

Although it seems like ages ago, this year’s Super Bowl commercial saw the untimely demise of Mr. Peanut. While the brave snack icon sacrificed himself in a fiery crash, the snack world had a moment for the character.

Still, Planters would not be left without a character so tout the goodness of nut snacking. Luckily, Planters Baby Nut joined the snacking brand.

Now, that adorable Baby Nut has taken over the Planters packages. Whether it is the big eyes or the cuteness factor, many people will want to grab a package or two. And, just like how the baby stages only last for a limited amount of time, this packaging won’t be around long.

In many ways, the Baby Nut packaging brought new life to the Planters brand. While everyone identified Mr. Peanut with Planters, consumers sometimes need a reason to re-engage with a classic. If there isn’t a new flavor or snack, another angle needs to spark an interest.

By introducing Baby Nut, consumers see Planters in a new light. While the popular nut brand hasn’t necessarily changed its product, people are seeing it again with new eyes. Yes, that little cute nut can do that for a company.

Whether you are watching Baby Nut grow up on Twitter, teach him catch online or just buy another container of Planters, consumers are a new found interest in the brand. In a way, a classic nut has been made new again.

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What do you think of the Planters Baby Nut branding? Has it sparked you to buy a container of Planters?