Old El Paso World Taco Kits bring new flavors taco night

Old El Paso World Taco Kits, photo provided by Old El Paso
Old El Paso World Taco Kits, photo provided by Old El Paso /

Give taco night a flavor boost with the new Old El Paso World Taco Kits.

For many people taco night is their favorite weeknight dinner. With the new Old El Paso World Taco Kits, those traditional tacos are getting a bold flavor upgrade. Maybe taco dinner won’t be only limited to Tuesdays.

While the taco might be a humble food, the dish doesn’t have to be limited to traditionally Hispanic flavors. Even though many people fill a tortilla with spicy salsas and proteins, the taco can transform with all types of flavors.

Although the word fusion cuisine can be overrated, the taco crosses many cultures. Almost anything can be used to fill a tortilla. In a way, the familiar dish is a perfect way for families to explore new food and flavors.

The new Old El Paso World Taco Kits are a way to spice up taco night. Featuring Caribbean, Japanese and Korean flavors, these taco kits are a simple, quick meal options that the whole family will love.

Each of the World Taco Kits include: “ten tortillas, one seasoning packet and one sauce packet.” Depending on the kit, it will include one of the following sauces: Pineapple Pepper, Honey Soy, and Sesame Chile.

While the two Asian inspired sauces are relatively familiar, the Pineapple Pepper sauce might be the easiest flavor to try first. The layers of spice from the Jerk seasoning can mimic some of the heat from a traditional taco. The sweetness of the pineapple helps to balance the pepper. Overall, this taco would be perfect on a hot summer night.

In addition to the World Taco Kits, Old El Paso is launching several other new products. The Chorizo and Al Pastor Taco Seasonings create those long, roasted developed flavors in a fraction of the time. These seasoning kits are a great way to learn how to enhance recipes with flavor.

Also, Old El Paso is adding Squeeze Sauces. These Squeeze Sauces seem to be in line with current trends. More home cooks are looking to incorporate these restaurant style sauces into their recipe.

Old El Paso Squeeze Sauces
Old El Paso Squeeze Sauces, photo provided by Old El Paso /

The Squeeze Sauces come in three flavors, Creamy Queso, Creamy Salsa Verde and Zesty Ranch. While these sauces can be used in tacos, the Squeeze Sauces could be used in a variety of dishes, too. Why can’t that Creamy Salsa Verde be a flavor boost to that plain chicken sandwich?

All the new Old El Paso offerings will be available at various retailers soon. Prices and availability may vary.

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Are you ready to upgrade taco night? Which Old El Paso World Taco Kit would you want to try first?