Burger King wants to turn your house into the Home of Whopper

Home of the Whopper promotion, photo provided by Burger King
Home of the Whopper promotion, photo provided by Burger King /

With all the Burger King delivery, does your house feel like the Home of the Whopper?

For many Burger King fans, turning their house into the Home of the Whopper is a dream come true. While the house might not have a drive thru, it could really happen. Are you ready to make that BK transformation?

Over the past several months, BK has been offering its fans many different promotions. From a free Impossible Croissan’wich to Tik Tok dancing for a Whopper. Each week, there seems to be another promotion to keep fans engaged with the quick service brand.

Still, some people miss going to their local BK to enjoy a Whopper. Maybe it is going to a counter to place an order or maybe it is that tray your burger is served on. No matter the reason, having it your way can be fun when it is enjoyed at the Home of the Whopper.

With more people having their favorite BK menu items delivered to their homes, the Home of the Whopper is popping up everywhere. Although a smart car might not stop at that particular address, could BK be expanding?

In a fun promotion, BK will be offering fans a change to transform their house into an official Home of the Whopper. With the official signage for everyone to see, any house can have that designation.

Now, it could be hard to get some apartment buildings or home owners associations to agree to signage. Still, if you can put the sign up, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Hopefully, no one will try to place a Whopper order via your front door. But, you will earn status as a huge BK fan.

To earn an entry for the signage, guests need to place an order for delivery via the BK app. The giveaway runs now through July 24, 2020.

While the signage is fun, the real prize is free delivery for the summer. Who wouldn’t want free BK delivery? Just think of all the times that you could enjoy BK at home.

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What do you think of this new Burger King promotion? Would you transform your house into the Home of the Whopper?