Want a free Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich, Grubhub will deliver it

(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Wendy's)
(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Wendy's) /

A free Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich could be yours thanks to Grubhub.

The weekend is starting to look tastier. A free Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich could be your special treat delivered straight to your door. Thanks to Grubhub your lunch, dinner or just because plans are all set.

From June 26 through June 28, Wendy’s fans are getting some free food. The offer for the free chicken sandwich and free delivery is available exclusively via Grubhub. And, there is no minimum purchase necessary for this offer. Yes, Uncle Al, there really is a free lunch this weekend.

There are a few caveats to this offer. It can only be used once per diner. The offer is available while supplies last. There could be a small order or other service fee applied, too. Still, even with the terms and conditions, it is worth the chance to get a free Chicken Sandwich.

More importantly, guests can choose any chicken sandwich on the Wendy’s menu. Options included Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Homestyle Chicken Sandwich, Asiago Ranch Chicken Club and others. Which one will you choose?

Personally, the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club is the perfect choice. While everyone can debate over the best Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club is bursting with flavor. From the tangy ranch sauce to the cheese to that crispy bacon, each bite if full of flavor.

If you have never tried this chicken sandwich, this Grubhub promotion is the perfect opportunity. Even if you do not think it’s better than the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, you didn’t lose anything. Remember it was a free sandwich.

These type of free food offers are enticing guests to order more food. If you are in a family, you know that you cannot just order one free sandwich. Sometimes the free food promotion leads to an even bigger order.

Also, these free food offers can allow guests to find a new favorite menu item. When there is no cost, some people are willing to venture outside their classic orders. Isn’t it time for you to try something new, especially when there isn’t a big cost involved?

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This weekend, why not order the free Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich via Grubhub. What do you have to lose?