National Ice Cream Month: Boozy Favorites

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Free Bella Swimwear )
(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Free Bella Swimwear ) /

Why not celebration National Ice Cream Month with a cocktail!

President Ronald Reagan in 1984 declared July as our National Ice Cream Month. Whether your favorite ice cream is dipped or soft serve we have a lineup of the best boozy ice cream drinks for National Ice Cream Month that pay respects to the classic supper clubs of America.


Chef Sandra Lee whips up a beautiful Grasshopper cocktail that only utilizes three simple ingredients. Vanilla ice cream, crème de menthe, and white crème de cacao.

Imagine this classic, refreshing cap to a meal of rosemary grilled chicken with lemon. It would be a perfect homage to a classic summer day with friends and family.  Garnishing this beautiful, fresh adult milkshake with some sprigs of fresh mint will truly enhance the end of any meal. This will surely be a classic for National Ice Cream Month.

Pink Squirrel

Cookbook author, Lisa Huff presents us with yet another simple recipe that only requires three simple ingredients, who knew that ice cream month and enjoying these classics would be so simple?

The pink squirrel may not be as signature to the modern world as the grasshopper is but it is still a treat for the senses, with its elegant pink appeal and the fragrance of almond filling the air. Simply blend vanilla ice cream with white crème de cacao and crème de noyaux. Top it with a little whip cream and some maraschino cherries and it will teleport your senses back to 1940. This is a must-try for National Ice Cream Month.

old fashioned pre national ice cream month
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Old Fashioned

This drink may just contain the heart of the Midwest in it. This recipe comes from a family-operated grocery chain in the Midwest, Festival Foods and it highlights just how much of a staple the old fashioned has become to supper club culture and how depending on which demographic you come from, either you take your old fashioned with whiskey or brandy.

This beautifully blended drink showcases brandy and is a perfect homage to National Ice Cream Month. An old fashioned is a little more difficult to make than the previous drinks. Starting off with vanilla ice cream, some brandy, a few dashes of those beautifully tasting angostura bitters that mingle so well with the sweetness of the maraschino cherries and the zestiness of orange. Garnish this delectable treat with some whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and orange slices and all you will taste is pure bliss during this national ice cream month.

Brandy Alexander

The brandy alexander has a lot of variations, this one comes from the tipsy bartender. Simple enough with just vanilla ice cream (although I have tried one with chocolate, and it wasn’t bad!) crème de cacao and brandy. The tipsy bartender tops this drink with nutmeg to provide a little bit of earthy bliss that reminds the senses of autumn.

The origins behind this drink are vast and no one really knows where it came from, but some say it originated in the 1920s at Princess Mary’s and Viscount Lascelles wedding, and others say it was a product of prohibition days when gin was swapped out for other spirits. The only thing we know for sure though is that this drink is a perfect addition to enjoy during National Ice Cream Month

Golden Cadillac

This is one of those drinks that you either really like or really dislike. This final selection for our boozy choices for National Ice Cream Month is another treasure from Chef Sandra Lee. Her recipe calls for anise liqueur but traditionally Galliano is used. As mentioned, this beverage will have that pungent, fragrant licorice scent that is so common of anise. So, if that’s not your flavor of choice, this may not be the drink for you. But it is very tasty, nevertheless. Sandra’s recipe calls for vanilla ice cream, orange liqueur, anise liqueur, white crème de cacao and a splash of orange juice.

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There are 31 days in our National Ice Cream Month, that’s plenty of time to give this list a few run-throughs and you can even comment your own favorite boozy ice cream concoctions for National Ice Cream Month! Maybe some of these martini’s would taste good with a bit of ice cream?