Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate is here and summer is magically delicious

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Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate makes any day magically delicious.

Why does hot chocolate have to be a winter beverage? Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate is that sip of magical deliciousness that everyone will want to try at least one. Are you ready to mix up some colorful, chocolate fun that just hit store shelves?

Many people have to have marshmallows in a hot chocolate. As that fluffy, sugary treat slowly melts into the hot chocolate, everyone cannot wait to have another sip. Even though you know that you need to wait for the beverage to cool a little, that enticing aroma makes you want to take a big gulp.

Since marshmallows are a tasty treat in hot chocolate, some people have to have the kind from the hot chocolate mix, like Swiss Miss. Although the texture might not be the same as a fresh marshmallow, those little surprising sips with those marshmallows are the prize in the cup.

For the first co-branded innovation of the Swiss Miss brand, the company has found a way to add a little whimsy to its signature blend of hot cocoa (which is made with real milk). In this beverage innovation, the Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate brings together two iconic brands, Swiss Miss and Lucky Charms. Instead of plain, white marshmallows, this hot chocolate is filled with the colorful marshmallow shapes that cereal fans have come to love.

Thinking about this beverage innovation, it is a smart extension for both brands. Previously, Lucky Charms added bags of just its marshmallows to store shelves. Bakers (and candy fans) loved the idea of including these magically delicious marshmallows to other treats, not just cereal.

Lucky Charms has been expanding its flavor offerings. From the new Honey Clovers to the special St. Patrick’s Day offering, the classic cereal is finding ways to reconnect with fans.

While Swiss Miss has a been a leader in the hot chocolate space. With various options from the Indulgent Collection to Classics to even Sensible Sweets, there is an option for everyone.

Even though a summer launch of a hot chocolate might not seem obvious, hot chocolate is a great beverage anytime of the year. Whether it is a warm beverage by the fire while roasting s’mores, a breakfast treat on the weekend or just because, hot chocolate is not limited to just the winter.

The Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate is on store shelves now. Each beverage is 180 calories and a package contains 6 pre-portioned servings.

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Are you excited for this new Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate? What other beverage innovations would you like to see?