Zojirushi launches Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collection and it will make you smile

(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Cost Plus World Market)
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Cost Plus World Market) /

Zojirushi takes a new direction with its new Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collection.

When two icons collaborate, people take notice. For the first time, Zojirushi is collaborating with Sanrio on a special Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collection. The two iconic Japanese brands look to celebrate Sanrio’s 60th anniversary by bringing Hello Kitty into people’s everyday lives.

This collaboration is another example of Sanrio expanding into the food world. Earlier this year, Gudetama was featured on Top Ramen packaging. That beloved lazy egg had many people buying another package of easy to make ramen.

Zojirushi has been a celebrated brand for over 100 years. The rice cookers have been a leader in the industry. From ease of use to durability, these rice cookers have been a kitchen essential staple.

According to Zojirushu’s President and CEO Tatsu Yamaski, “Zojirushi has been nourishing people’s bodies and souls since 1918 and the beloved Sanrio brand has been warming people’s hearts for 60 years. This collaboration of two historic brands from Japan made sense for us.”

While the rice cookers are well-known, more people are familiar with Zojirushi’s stainless steel mugs. The superior vacuum insulation technology allows the mugs to keep beverages cold all day long or warm until that coffee is gone. More importantly, the locking technology prevents spills.


Available online and at various retailers, this special limited-edition Hello Kitty designs are offered in both an automatic rice cooker and stainless mugs. Whether you want to add a little sparkle to the kitchen or prefer to take your love of Hello Kitty with you, there is an option that fits your lifestyle.

The Hello Kitty rice cooker is an interesting collaboration. While many people will be drawn to the gold Hello Kitty graphics on the white machine, this collaboration could show home cooks the versatility of the rice cooker. From steel cut oats to quinoa, there are many ways to use this kitchen essential.

The Hello Kitty designed rice cooker holds 5.5 cups. Additional accessories are available. This rice cooker retails for $203.

For Sanrio fans who want to show they love of Hello Kitty outside of the kitchen, the stainless-steel mugs are a great option. There are two designs available, a white and gold or a black and gold combination.

Each mug is 16 oz. The lightweight, compact design feels good in your hand and is quite durable. The Hello Kitty inspired stainless-steel mugs retail for $52.

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What do you think of this Hello Kitty collaboration? Will you be buying some of the products?