Want to get a taste of the new SNICKERS Peanut Brownie flavor?

SNICKERS Peanut Brownie, photo provided by Snickers
SNICKERS Peanut Brownie, photo provided by Snickers /

Have you heard about the new Snickers Peanut Brownie flavor?

Foodies are always looking for the new flavor, treat or other must have food, like the new SNICKERS Peanut Brownie flavor. For a few lucky people, they will be able to get a bite of that new candy before it hits store shelves. Could you be part of the lucky few?

For many people, SNICKERS is the only candy that will curb that hangry feeling. The combination of peanuts, caramel and nougat coated in milk chocolate is the only bite that satisfies. As the world’s best-selling candy bar, it is always a tasty choice.

Over the years, SNICKERS has innovated the classic candy bar. From creamy to hazelnut to white, the classic candy bar has gone through various innovations. Still, it continues to find ways to push the flavors forward.

The new SNICKERS Peanut Brownie flavor is the ultimate candy mash-up. It combines SNICKERS and brownies. While many home bakers have created this combination in their kitchen, now the Mars-Wrigley brand makes the flavor combination more convenient.

According to the brand, the candy features “two individual squares, coated in the classic SNICKERS chocolate, with a luscious layer of caramel and a chewy peanut-brownie filling.” Based on the description, the flavor combination will be quite decadent. It is smart that the candy is offered in two squares. It might be quite rich to eat an entire candy bar on your own.

The new SNICKERS flavor will launch in January 2021 but a few lucky people will get a chance to get a taste of the first batch. If you want a chance to try the new SNICKERS flavor, visit SNICKERSBrownie.com to sign up and possibly win a free box.

On July 16, the countdown clock will hit zero and 1,000 boxes of these new SNICKERS bars will be up for grabs. Some lucky candy fans will be the envy of foodies everywhere.

If you don’t get one of these boxes, you will just have to wait. Although it might seem far away, time seems to be on a perpetual loop right now. 2021 might be here before you know it.

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What do you think of the new SNICKERS Peanut Brownie flavor? Will you try to get a taste test?