SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder is the ultimate Wonder Woman accessory

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder, photo provided by SweeTARTS
SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder is the ultimate Wonder Wonder accessory.

Sometimes it is good to be more than one thing and with the SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder Wonder Woman fans can have it all. Now, that delicious golden rope candy has the perfect accessory for  the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. Could you get your hands on one?

Recently, SweeTARTS unveiled its Golden Ropes candy. The limited-edition candy is a tropical-flavored licorice rope with the signature tart center. Like any SweeTART candy, it is the perfect balance of both sweet and tart.

While it might be inspired by Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, this candy is better to eat than wrap around some villain. That golden colored candy offers just the right punch of tart and a touch of tropical sweet for the perfect duo.

SweeTARTS appreciates the idea of celebrating both the sweet and tart. That idea of being both can be empowering. That characteristic is one of the reasons why this collaboration with Wonder Wonder is a perfect pairing.

Ashley Incarnato, senior brand manager for SweeTARTS said, “This partnership is a great fit because SweeTARTS stands for being more than one thing: sweet and tart, long and short, soft and chewy. Wonder Woman embodies that same idea of duality with her strength and wisdom, power and justice, and courage and truth.”

While many people have enjoyed the SweeTARTS Golden Ropes candy, some lucky fan will win the ultimate candy and Wonder Woman accessory. The SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder will become  coveted Wonder Woman swag.

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder,
SweeTARTS Golden Ropes Holder, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

Created by costume designer, Lindy Hemming, this accessory is both fashionable and functional. Worn as either a belt bag or cross body, the vegan leather accessory has the signature “W” pattern. With a detachable candy dispenser, that SweeTARTS Golden Ropes candy is ready to lasso your hunger craving at any moment.

While many people people would jump at the chance to purchase one of these accessories, the only way to get one is to win it.

On the SweeTARTS Instagram page, starting July 13, fans can enter to win this Wonder Woman accessory. To enter, fans need to “‘lasso’ (tag) a friend with the circle star emoji.” If you win, you will be the envy of Wonder Woman fans everywhere.

Don’t forget, everyone can enjoy the SweeTARTS Golden Ropes candy. Remember to grab an extra bag before it disappears; no Lasso is Truth needed to reveal that truth.

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Have you tried the new SweeTARTS Golden Ropes? Are you excited for the new Wonder Woman movie?