Carl’s Jr celebrates its 79th birthday with a big Feed Your Happy celebration

Carl's Jr Birthday Promo, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr Birthday Promo, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

When Carl’s Jr turns 79, they want their fans to celebrate and Feed Your Happy.

For 79 years, Carl’s Jr has been delighting fans with tasty treats that Feed Your Happy. From the infamous Western Bacon Cheeseburger to its new Beyond Meat menu items, the iconic brand has etched itself into the restaurant landscape. Since birthdays often involve gifts, this special celebration is a week-long gift extravaganza.

For this special birthday celebrations, Carl’s Jr is partnering with Postmates. As the leader of delivering almost anything on-demand, Postmates will ensure that cravings will be satisfied.

“For nearly eight-decades Carl’s Jr. has delivered craveable menu items , and we’re thrilled to be celebrating our birthday in partnership with Postmates with free craveable burgers and fries our customers know and love,” said Patty Trevino, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing, CKE. “We’re always looking for new ways to deliver value and reward to our loyal fans, especially at a time when consumers now more than ever are seeking out comforting and familiar flavors.”

Starting on July 17, fans will start seeing special surprises in their orders. These unlocked free surprise menu item will be auto applied to the order. Since it is a surprise, no one will know what the free item will be.

Since it is a birthday celebration, the surprise will be a good one. It isn’t like getting that package of socks from your grandma on your birthday. These freebies will be something that guests will want.

According to Carl’s Jr., the free items could vary from a Western Bacon Cheeseburger to iconic Crisscut Fries. It will be interesting to see how or why certain free items appear in the order. Maybe people will share their freebies on social media.

The free food offer will be available from July 17 through July 19. To qualify for the free offer, guests need to order $15 or more through Postmates. Delivery charges may apply. The offer is available at participating locations.

The best birthday celebrations always involve gifts. Luckily, Carl’s Jr is going to give you a gift for your loyalty all these years. And, if you want to have some cake, that’s ok, too.

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What is your favorite Carl’s Jr menu item?