Häagen-Dazs Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off could make you ice cream famous

Häagen-Dazs 60th anniversary celebration, photo provided by Häagen-Dazs
Häagen-Dazs 60th anniversary celebration, photo provided by Häagen-Dazs /

Calling all Häagen-Dazs fans to the Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off.

While Häagen-Dazs might have some of the most innovative and tasty ice cream flavors, ice cream fans are ready for the Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off. If you have ever dreamed of creating a customized fantasy ice cream flavor, this National Ice Cream Day event is your dream come true.

From July being National Ice Cream Month to National Ice Cream Day on July 19th, everyone is screaming for ice cream. Whether you enjoy a single scoop, a gigantic sundae or even just an ice cream bar, everyone is having a little extra ice cream this month.

This year marks Häagen-Dazs’ 60th birthday. While the ice cream brand has a special celebratory ice cream, it is inviting its loyal ice cream fans to create their ultimate decadent ice cream.

Starting on July 19, ice cream fans can go to the brand’s Instagram page and look for the special announcement. Then, everyone is encouraged to share their most creative flavor idea. Complete contest details will be made available by the brand.

The creative flavor finalists will battle for the ultimate title. The Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off bracket will continue until there is one fan standing. That winner will receive “15 handmade cartons of the winning, customized fantasy flavor, 24 coupons for a year’s worth of ice cream, swag and the ultimate bragging rights.”

While many people will want to be the ultimate ice cream flavor champion, the ice cream flavor needs to stand out. Even though chocolate might be the most popular ice cream flavor, chocolate ice cream with some cocoa nibs, a caramel swirl and a few pecans is not going to cut it.

At the same time, this ice cream flavor cannot be overly extreme. No mustard ice creams, blue cheese or other extreme ingredients. Granted, a little chili pepper with chocolate is now acceptable, but it might be best to leave that clotted cream ice cream to Florean Fortescue’s at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If you want to be crowned the ultimate ice cream fan. Don’t miss your chance to enter the Fantasy Flavor Scoop Off. You could be food famous.

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What is the most unusual ice cream flavor that you enjoy? How will you be celebrating National Ice Cream Day?