Blue Bunny offers a Ticket Exchange and funlightenment prevails

Blue Bunny Personal Pool brungs Funlightenment, photo provided by Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny Personal Pool brungs Funlightenment, photo provided by Blue Bunny /

Blue Bunny is putting the fun in refund thanks to funlightenment.

Summers and fun go hand in hand and Blue Bunny has stocked your freezer with those tasty treats. While everyone has found all types of moments of funlightenment, a few people might be missing their favorite summer events. From summer musical festivals to baseball games, those tickets are going used.

Even though people understand that the reasoning behind the cancellations, people want their summer fun. Blue Bunny is looking to add a little levity to the situation through its Ticket Exchange.

Since ice cream always brings smiles, the ice cream brand has come up with a tasty, fun solution. Simply snap a picture of that ticket that will go unused and send it to There are 750 prizes up for grabs. All prizes will be randomly given away.

And, if you don’t win a special prize, no one leaves empty handed. Everyone will get a discount cone for the new Load’d Cones or Load’d Sundaes. At least that coupon has more value than an unused event ticket.

This promotion fits in with the whole idea of funlightenment. While people might prefer to have their favorite summer concert or sporting event, it doesn’t mean that fun can’t be had in other ways. Sometimes finding a little happiness in simple life’s pleasures is an important reminder. Happiness is all around you just need to find it.

And, if you haven’t tried the Load’d Cones or Load’d Sundaes, those ice cream treats will definitely bring happiness, smiles and funlightenment. Each bite is packed full with tasty goodness.

Personally, the Strawberry Shortcake Load’d Sundaes are a favorite for the summer. The strawberries and ice cream are always a summer treat. Plus, every bite offers a variety of textures. It definitely puts fun in summer treats.

If you are feeling a little left out with summer events being canceled, put a positive spin on the situation. Join the Blue Bunny Ticket Exchange and try to find your own funlightenment through some tasty ice cream. Maybe even ask the kids to put on their own concert while you’re enjoying that ice cream. It might not be Lallapoolza but the line to the bathroom is much shorter.

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What is your favorite summer treat? Are you finding some creative fun for your family?