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For some people, summer vacation has taken a different turn. understands that a touch of comfort can make all the difference. Are you ready for the ultimate road trip accessory, the Road Trip Robe?

This year, summer trips have either been postponed or scaled back. Instead of that week long vacation to an exotic locale, it might be a quick getaway to a local beach or a day walking through a nature preserve. Still, people want to enjoy those little pleasures from that are part of a summer vacation.

From the mini bar to room service, those little indulgences from staying in your favorite hotel make those getaways even better. Luckily, has found a way to make those little treats accessible anywhere. Check out the Road Trip Robe.

While some people might think that dad’s cargo shorts can hold everything needed for the day, this ultimate robe includes everything for the ultimate relaxation day. Whether you wear this robe sitting in your backyard chaise lounge or in the car for your next road trip, you will turn any spot into a “suite” hotel experience.

The Road Trip Robe includes:

  • A stocked mini bar
  • Built-in wifi
  • A locked safe pocket
  • A comfy cushion
  • A hot/cold pocket
  • Tech pocket
  • Hand sanitizer

Looking at the various parts of this Road Trip Road, it seems that it has almost everything. You might want to have some wet naps or napkins around for all that snacking. No one wants to have Cheetle hands when touching their phones, gadgets or even themselves. road trip robe, photo provided by /

Also, the mini bar does have a lot of tasty snacks. It is a combination of sweet and salty snacks from Twinkies to Rice Krispy Treats to Slim Jims to Combos, there is a snack that will satisfy every craving.

The only downside to this ultimate Road Trip Robe is that there are only 10 robes available. You have to act quickly to get one of these coveted travel accessories.

Additionally, the special robe does cost $150. While that might sound like a lot of money for a robe, even with all the snacks and gadgets, the special travel accessory has a big bonus. Each robe comes with $1,500 gift cards and Gold Status. For those travelers who are looking to satisfy their wanderlust, it could be the perfect gift.

If you want to grab this ultimate travel accessory, head to on Friday, July 24 at 12 p.m. EST to purchase one of the 10 travel robes.

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What do you think of this travel robe? What is your ultimate travel snack?