Ball Park Brand asks baseball fans to Frank It Forward

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Pandora)
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Pandora) /

Ball Park Brand knows baseball and hot dogs can be more than America’s pastime.

While the crack of the bat gets fans to cheer, the hot dog enjoyed at a baseball game is the perfect pairing. Ball Park Brand has been part of that summer tradition for years. Even though baseball is back, the experience is quite different.

As cardboard cutouts make the stadiums feel less empty, the familiar sounds associated with a game have been hushed. Even though a home run gets everyone on their feet celebrating, the hot dog vendor often brings the biggest smiles. This year the cry of “hot dog here” is gone.

Putting aside the preferred hot dog condiment, that stadium hot dog can instantly bring back fond memories. Whether it was that first bite on opening day to a victory dog after that base clearing home run, a hot dog is the ultimate baseball food.

Since cardboard fans cannot eat those hot dogs, all those hot dog vendors face an uncertain baseball season. Whether it is a seasonal job or an annual tradition, those hot dog vendors need the support of the baseball fans. Ball Park Brand is leading the charge.

The program Frank It Forward is an initiative that everyone can join. The brand is asking fans to share a favorite baseball memory or video using #FrankItForward on Twitter. By sharing that memory or re-tweeting the brand’s announcement, the company will donate $1 to baseball stadium vendors up to $50,000. The brand has already pledge $100,000 to the program.

Jennifer Dahlgren, senior director of marketing for the Ball Park brand, said, “While summer’s favorite past-time is different this year, people’s passion for the game, the food, and those who make it special, like baseball stadium vendors, remains. The #FrankItForward initiative helps us continue to celebrate the season by giving back and invites Ball Park hot dog and baseball fans everywhere to spread some kindness this summer.”

When everyone steps up to the plate to help, the initiative can be a huge home run. All funds will be distributed through Major League Baseball Charities.

Personally, I remember the first time that I took my boys to a baseball game. While they might not remember the score, they do talk fondly about the sausage races and doing the chicken dance. Sometimes, that baseball game is more than just the runs and outs on the field.

This baseball season can be special when everyone takes a moment to Frank It Forward. Sometimes it is about the moment, not the score.

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What is your favorite baseball memory? Are you going to Frank It Forward?