Restaurant diners are craving this flavorful cuisine the most

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What flavorful cuisine do restaurant diners crave the most?

From being stuck at home to restaurants struggling to survive, restaurant diners are missing this flavorful cuisine. Even though more and more people have discovered the joy of cooking, that foray into the kitchen is starting to jump the shark. What food do diners wish would be served to them on a silver platter?

Today, DoorDash released its food trend report. While the report covered all types of food, trends and eating habits, one tidbit about restaurant diners and their cravings was quite curious. People are really craving this flavorful cuisine?

Even though many restaurants have offered takeout, curbside and delivery, diners want to sit at a table and enjoy their favorite Mexican food.

That’s right, 82% of the respondents said that they miss a cuisine because it is too difficult to prepare at home. Mexican food tops the most craved list.

Given that Mexican food is relatively easy to make, this conclusion is surprising. Are people really just wanting Mexican food or do they want a particular Mexican dish?

With the weekly ritual of Taco Tuesday, Mexican food is often found at the dinner table. Although it is not stated in the report, people could be craving a particular Mexican food. Whether it is fajitas, chimichangas or even that table side guacamole, there is something fun, tasty and somewhat comforting about Mexican food.

For example, how often do you really sit down at a table, are given a bowl of chips and are told to eat them before your dinner? At a Mexican restaurant, before meal snacking is encouraged. Sometimes it is the meal before the meal.

Also, part of the craving could be for a margarita. There is nothing better than a freshly made margarita. Whether eaten with chips, a burrito or just drunk on its own, that classic cocktail just seems like a reason to celebrate with friends.

With everyone wishing and wanting to get back to a sense of normal, restaurant diners are looking to book a table at their favorite Mexican restaurant. It seems that one bite of really good Mexican food will be the way for people to feel that everything is getting a little better.

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Do you agree with this DoorDash report? Are you craving a big plate of fajitas right now?