Bagel Boss satisfies the perfect bagel craving with Bagel of the Month

Bagel Boss Bagels, photo provided by Bagel Boss
Bagel Boss Bagels, photo provided by Bagel Boss /

If you haven’t had a Bagel Boss bagel, you don’t know bagels.

One bite of a Bagel Boss bagel and you will understand that not all bagels are created equal. Sure, at first glance all bagels might look similar. The bagel names might even be the same, but there is a difference in the bite, the taste, that ultimate satisfaction that is a real Bagel Boss bagel. Now, via the Bagel of the Month, you can get authentic bagels delivered to your door.

Whether it is the old-world Polish recipes, a secret ingredient, the water or something else, these iconic bagels have been making people happy for 50 years. If you love the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bagel, you have this bakery to thank.

As the only remaining family owned bagel business in the New York area, the company has balanced both tradition and adapting to trends. Now the 6th generation Long Island legend has found decided to bring those bagels beyond the tri-state area.

The Bagel of the Month brings a variety of the Bagel Boss’s offerings directly to your door. Whether you order a baker’s dozen, get multiple months of bagels or other bakery items, you can satisfy that real bagel craving.

Via the website, customers can order a variety of bagel options. From special limited-edition bagels to classics to variety options, there is a combination that will satisfy that bagel craving.

For me, a real bagel is the ultimate breakfast. Slightly toasted, with a little good butter, that bagel brings back memories of breakfasts with my grandmother. As she sipped her tea and told me stories of her family in New York going to St. Patrick’s for mass, it was a simple moment that has more meaning over the years.

Those bagels were perfection. That slightly chewy yet soft interior was full of flavor. Sure, my grandmother loved her everything bagel with extra cream cheese and I preferred a cinnamon raisin. No matter the particular flavor of the day, it was always the most delicious breakfast.

With this memories forever fresh in my head, those iconic New York bagels are not found in my neck of the woods. Although the occasional trip to New York has me eating bagels morning, noon and night (not to mention packing dozen to take home), today’s world makes that food trip postponed.

Now that the Bagel Boss offers Bagel the Month, my bagel craving is satisfied. Recently, I got a Bagel of the Month delivery and to say that I did a jump for joy is an understatement. As soon as I opened the box, a bagel went directly into the toaster to be enjoyed immediately.

Even just the aroma from opening the box was a special moment. There is nothing better than a fresh bagel. With all the different flavors in the box, it was hard to pick just one to enjoy first.

As I have grown older, the everything bagel has become my obsession. The combination flavors on that bagel is so satisfying. Sure, I might need a mint after my bagel, but it is totally worth it.

New to me in my box was the rainbow bagel. That colorful bagel brought the fun to the table. Who doesn’t want to start the day with a smile?

With the Bagel of the Month Club, now my bagel cravings can always be satisfied. From a subscription to just a baker’s dozen, Bagel Boss bagels can be delivered fresh to my door and that is a reason to celebrate.

For more information or to place an order, visit the Bagel of the Month website. The Bagel Boss locations can be found on its website.

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What is your favorite bagel? Do you agree that a New York bagel is the best?