Buffalo Wild Wings wants to give you more on National Chicken Wing Day

Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Would free wings entice you to visit Buffalo Wild Wings on National Chicken Wing Day?

On July 29, National Chicken Wing Day, Buffalo Wild Wings wants its loyal fans to get more of what they crave, chicken wings. Luckily, a special free food promotion is waiting for everyone. Guess what you’re having for lunch or dinner.

To celebrate a food holiday that is perfect for America’s Sports Bar, BWW is giving chicken wing fans what they crave, free wings. Available in the restaurant or ordered via phone for pick-up, guests can get six (6) free wings with any size wing order. This free food promotion applies to both boneless wings and traditional wings.

Thinking about this free food offer, it is a great way to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. With sports making their return and everyone being tired of cooking at home, it is the perfect excuse to eat out. The only question on the table is what flavor chicken wings will you order?

BWW has a wide variety of sauces and spices. From extreme heat to sweet and mild, there is a flavor profile for every chicken wing fan. And, since you can mix and match flavors in an order, you can enjoy various flavor combinations.

For some people, they have tried and true flavor preference. My son prefers mango haberno while I prefer Asian Zing. But, we can both agree that the unretirement of the Jammin Jalapeno flavor meant we had to split order to enjoy that favorite sauce.

According to BWW, the top five sauces are: Honey BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, Medium, Mild and Asian Zing. It seems that the majority of guests prefer the milder side to chicken wings. With over 2 billion wings sold in 2019, BWW knows a lot about people’s flavor preferences.

Whether you prefer a traditional sauce, something spicy or a combination of both, don’t let National Chicken Wing Day pass without eating some Buffalo Wild Wings. Free chicken wings are too good of a deal to pass up.

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What is your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings flavor? How many chicken wings do you normally order?