Popeyes believes dinner texts should autocorrect to the better dinner choice

Popeyes asks will you trade for pizza? photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes asks will you trade for pizza? photo provided by Popeyes /

Popeyes wants to help families make the better dinner choice.

The family dinner debate can get heated and Popeyes wants to make it simple. If everyone can agree on one food idea, then there is no issue. With this little dinner hack, there will be only one dinner ordering option.

As a parent, no one wants to pose the question – what do you want for dinner? Although everyone hopes that a single answer is given by everyone around the table. Unfortunately, it is often a smorgasbord of options.

Since a parent never wants to be a short order cook, it becomes a mom’s rule. That vote, opinion, thought was just wasted words. It wasn’t really going to happen. Still, kids can hope that one day, everyone will agree on something.

Popeyes is hoping to end the family dinner debate. As seen in this text exchange, “pizza” is now autocorrecting to “popeyes.” It seems that your phone is trying to tell you something.

We all know that autocorrect can sometimes know what you’re thinking and other times really get it wrong. Usually, the wrong happens when you are texting someone or something important. Sure, you wish for that recall button, but that’s not possible. You just have to live with that mistake (or learn to better proof read your text).

Popyes family meal promotion, photo provided by Popeyes /

Since the iconic Louisiana Kitchen quick service restaurant likes the idea of pizza autocorrecting to your favorite fried chicken, it is rewarding people with a discount. Anyone who posts a screenshot of the autocorrected text showing pizza changed to “popeyes” and #LoveThatAutocorrect will get $5 off a Family Meal purchase.

Sure, you might get some grief from the group chat about messing with the autocorrect, but they will forgive you. It gets everyone a discount on dinner. More importantly, it looks like everyone agreed and that’s a good thing.

Let’s all make the next family dinner a little more amicable. Sometimes, autocorrect really can solve that dinner dilemma.

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How do you solve the family dinner debate?