Would you trade your pizza for a Popeyes Family Meal?

Popeyes asks will you trade for pizza? photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes asks will you trade for pizza? photo provided by Popeyes /

Could you change your dinner order for a Popeyes Family Meal?

Sometimes a family dinner is just an app order away. While Friday might be pizza night, would you swap it for a Popeyes Family Meal? For some people, that swap might be quite rewarding.

Food delivery has become part of the norm, family routine or just life. Who hasn’t pushed a button to get their favorite food delivered to their front door? Even as people love the convenience, sometime that classic food order just gets a little boring. Even the tastiest routine can get old.

Even though the days blend together, that food delivery order can be that spark of different. It isn’t another loaf of banana bread, bowl of cereal or dip for dinner. That little bite of different can bring smiles to the dinner table.

For some people, one night a week is pizza night. While hopefully everyone can agree on the preferred pizza topping, that traditional food delivery order is familiar, comforting, craveable. What if someone asked you to give up that pizza? Would you do it?

Popeyes did a little experiment. Would you trade your pizza for a Popeyes Family Meal?

Check out this video.

As seen some people are willing to make a trade. Maybe they really love that fried chicken from Popeyes. Maybe they just didn’t want that pineapple pizza that their kids insisted on ordering. Maybe, it was just a lark.

Whatever the reason, 2 out 3 of people willing to trade pizza for Popeyes is a convincing number. Would you be willing to make that trade?

Right now, Popeyes is offering the following deal. “Anyone who orders a Popeyes® Family Meal instead of pizza on the Popeyes® App will get free delivery on their order with a minimum purchase.” Truthfully, wouldn’t you give up a pizza for a free dinner?

Overall, many restaurants have been offering all types of family meal deals. These offers have seen an increase in orders. Whether it is the need to feel many people or wanting a few leftovers, the family meal has become the new staple.

If you are willing to swap that pizza for Popeyes, you could get some free food. Are you ready to order yet?

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What is your favorite food delivery order? Have you been ordering more food delivery recently?