Moe’s Southwest Grill new Nacho Meal Kit makes the perfect nacho

New Moe's Nacho Meal Kit, photo provided by Moe's Southwest Grill
New Moe's Nacho Meal Kit, photo provided by Moe's Southwest Grill /

Moe’s Southwest Grill launches a Nacho Meal Kit and you need one now.

For many people, nachos are a meal and Moe’s Southwest Grill is bringing the ultimate Nacho Meal Kit to its guests. With this new meal kit, the Naked Nacho Phenomenon can be avoided. Are you ready to build a better nacho?

After some extensive research, Moe’s has determined that three types of nacho problems. They can be too soggy, too spicy and too naked. No one wants that sad, plain, naked chip that is devoid of all the nacho goodness. That travesty is the ultimate Naked Nacho Phenomenon.

The new Nacho Meal Kit allows guests to create their own perfect nacho. With all the chips and toppings, each person can create their own perfect nacho. No more soggy chips at the bottom of the plate. Forget about that chip with too many jalapenos. Each bite will be nacho perfection.

Creating the perfect nacho is achievable. While everyone has their own flavor preference, a few nacho hacks can be helpful.

According to Moe’s, the key to a perfect nacho is the right ratio. First, you need a lot of chips. Then, you smother with that craveable queso. The chip to queso ratio is about 2 to 1. Life is just better with queso.

Then, add the protein (chicken, beef, etc.) Next, add the pico de gallo or salsa, sour cream and top it all off with a jalapeno. Now, this idea is Moe’s method, it does not have to be your method. Feel free to change it up as you want.

Since there are generally three types of nacho eaters, Top Tippers, Tidy Topper and Greedy Scoopers, you might want to create some separate plates if your family has too many Greedy Scoopers. No one wants to feel nacho deprived.

In addition to the Nacho Meal Kits, Moe’s Southwest Grill has a Fajita Meal Kit, too. While there might not be a Naked Fajita Phenomenon, everyone needs to be able to construct their perfect fajita.

And, if you need a good reason to buy one of these meal kits, Moe’s will donate $1 for every kit sold (Nacho, Taco or Fajita) to No Kid Hungry. The donations will occur now through the end of August.

Don’t let Naked Nacho Phenomenon ruin your nacho eating experience. Get a Moe’s Southwest Grill Nacho Meal Kit and make the perfect nachos every time.

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What’s on your perfect nacho? What type of nacho eater are you?