BABE Wine and Bumble are giving people a fresh start

BABE Wine & Bumble promo, photo provided by BABE Wine
BABE Wine & Bumble promo, photo provided by BABE Wine /

BABE Wine and Bumble think it’s time to move on.

Do you need to become socially distant from your significant other? BABE Wine and Bumble have partnered to make that transition a little easier. For the foodies out there, tell that ex to pack their knives and go.

This year has been chaotic. Although some people have been home alone, some people have been stuck with someone that is no longer their favorite person.

Over the past several months, we have learned a lot about people. It could be that they forget to wash that coffee cup. Maybe it was the weird habit of putting ketchup on hot dogs. Or, what about that horrible habit of drinking all the wine and leaving just a little dribble in the bottle. That is reason to say goodbye.

But, moving is expensive. Plus, how to do get that wine fridge out the door. A little moving help can make the situation much more bearable.

BABE Wine and Bumble have come up with a solution. Now through August 6, BABE and Bumble are helping to give those newly single people a chance to cover their moving costs. All the details can be found on the @drinkbabe Instagram account.

Sometimes a fresh start is the best reason to open a bottle of wine. Now, you can have someone else do the heavy lifting for you and you can sit back and sip to the good life.

For those wine drinkers who are unfamiliar with BABE Wine, it is the bubbly wine that can go anywhere and pairs with everything. Everyone knows that bubbles always bring the fun to any occasion. Plus, since this wine comes in a can, you do not have to worry about wine openers or even glasses. If you have a reason, you can open some BABE Wine.

If you are ready to make a change, grab some BABE Wine and toast to the new life. Sometimes change is a good thing.

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What have you learned about yourself this year? Has it cause you to make some changes?