Dunkin Free Coffee Mondays kick off the week in style

Dunkin’ Completes Global Transition to Paper Cups, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin’ Completes Global Transition to Paper Cups, photo provided by Dunkin /

Dunkin Free Coffee Mondays are the perfect Monday Motivation

Sometimes Monday mornings can need a little Monday Motivation. Dunkin Free Coffee Mondays are coming to make the start of the week a lot brighter. Wouldn’t a free cup of coffee be the perfect way to perk up your day?

The free coffee offer is open to DD Perks Members. Additionally, the free medium hot or iced coffee does require a food purchase (more than a single Munchkin). Still, a free coffee is a free coffee. That is a good perk.

In addition, the Free Donut Fridays are back starting on August 7. Granted, the free donut offer does require a beverage purchase. Still, isn’t a free Boston Kreme donut worth buying a coffee? Then again, maybe a refresher is a better choice for a Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles.

These two promotions are a way for Dunkin to show that they value their DD Perks members. According to Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Senior Vice President, Dunkin’ U.S. Digital Marketing. “Whether they need a little extra boost to kickstart their week or a sweet treat to celebrate the end of the week, we want our loyal guests to know we’ve got their backs when they may need it most.”


Brands are using customer loyalty programs to keep customers coming back time and again. With so many options, people want to feel that their purchases have value. From free food to special members only promotions, these types of offers are becoming part of the normal way of doing businesses.

Additionally, as contactless payment is becoming more valued by companies and consumers, these app programs are essential. Whether it is convenience or necessary, ordering is now via a push of a button on a phone versus face to face.

If you are looking to start your week with a boost, run to Dunkin for Free Coffee Mondays and Free Donut Fridays. The dog days of summer are looking a little sweeter.

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What is your favorite Dunkin menu item? Are you a DD Perks Member?