Jägermeister and beer pairings for the NHL’s return to the ice

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

Shoot and score with Jägermeister and beer pairings

As the official shot of the NHL, Jägermeister is always chilled and ready to toast another winning shot. Why not celebrate the NHL’s return to the ice with these Jägermeister and beer pairings. All of these pairings definitely shoot and score.

With all the excitement about the return of sports, fans are finding ways to celebrate. Although the action is only viewed via screen versus in person, there are many ways to bring a little excitement to your own home ice. Why not a beer and a shot?

Jägermeister has a complex blend of 56 natural herbs, blooms, roots and fruits. All of those flavor notes can complement a variety of beers. From a fruity wheat beer to a hoppy IPA, there is a pairing that everyone can appreciate. Ready to raise a glass.

Before looking at some suggested beer pairings, it is best to drink the shot first. Then sip on the beer.

Here are a few parings from Jägermeister’s “Deer & Beer” program:

  • Maui Brewing Co. – Pineapple Mana Wheat
  • Oskar Blues Brewery – Dale’s Pale Ale
  • J. Wakefield Brewing – 24th Street Brown Ale
  • Stone Brewing – Stone IPA
  • Lord Hobo Brewing Company – Boomsauce
  • Arrogant Consortia – Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Rhinegeist Brewing – Cheetah Lager
  • Yazoo Brewing Co. – Daddy-o Pilsner

While these beer pairings are some tasty suggestions, the Jägermeister website has a flavor wheel to help with your beer pairings.

The idea is play off the various flavors in the liquor. From spicy/earthy to fruit/citrus to even sweet there is a pairing to make your taste buds happy. For example, the bitter notes in the liquor pair well with an amber beer.

In a way, this flavor wheel shows that Jägermeister works with almost any beer. It might be a good idea to always have a bottle chilled. It seems that it can go with almost anything.

Also, since it is the official shot of the NHL, check out JMhockeyreturns.com for a big sweepstakes. You could score some great prizes.

Turn down the AC and get ready for the return to the ice. Jägermeister is ready to toast another victory.

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What is your favorite beverage to enjoy while watching a game?