MTN DEW Spark, race to get it before it’s gone

New MTN DEW Spark, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW Spark, photo provided by MTN DEW /

MTN DEW Spark is speeding into this exclusive location.

Get ready to do a new DEW. MTN DEW Spark is a new limited edition flavor that is summer time perfection. If you want to get a taste, you better act quickly.

MTN DEW Spark is a raspberry lemonade flavor. Looking at the bottle, the bright pink colored beverage is as vibrant as its flavor. While MTN DEW often has a burst of citrus flavor, this flavor should bring a touch of sweet and tart to refreshment.

Looking at other MTN DEW flavors, this option seems to take a little more traditional approach. Raspberry lemonade is a classic summer flavor. While pretty pink color is enticing, the flavor combination is the real winner.

While many people will want to take this beverage for a test run, there is only one place where DEW fans can purchase it. This new flavor is exclusively available at Speedway locations for a limited time. With over 2,500 locations, there could be a DEW waiting for you.

As seen with the packaging, MTN DEW and Speedway are leveraging the racing connection. From the checkered flag to the racing references, the connection is clear.

This new beverage launch is part of a year long partnership between Speedway and MTN DEW. The “Year of DEW” will offer special incentives to purchase DEW products at participating Speedway locations. From exclusive product releases to epic promotions, DEW fans will have many surprises in the year ahead.

With this collaboration, it will be interesting to see if additionally special, limited edition beverages will be available in the future. Given that MTN DEW likes to create special flavors, there could be some creative choices later this fall or winter. Halloween could be a little spooky again.

For the DEW fans who aren’t near a Speedway, they can enter to win some MTN DEW Spark via The promotion runs through September 27.

These type of exclusive offerings are exiting for fans. People will seek out the limited edition flavors. Even if you don’t live near a Speedway, maybe you can find someone to mail you one of these beverages.

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