David Burtka collaborates with Keebler on creative s’mores recipes

David Burtka and Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies S’mores Recipes, photo provided by Keebler
David Burtka and Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies S’mores Recipes, photo provided by Keebler /

Keebler and David Burtka inspire summertime fun with creative s’mores recipes.

Like many families, David Burtka understands that creative s’mores recipes can be a way to connect families. Keebler, and its popular cookies, are always a family favorite. Now, Burtka and Keebler have collaborated on two recipes that will have everyone wanting some more sweet treats.

For many people, s’mores flavored desserts are a favorite sweet treat. While making s’mores over a classic campfire is fun and tasty, that campfire scenario isn’t always possible. Luckily creative s’mores recipes bring all that iconic flavor in a way that everyone can enjoy.

Recently, chef and actor David Burtka partnered with Keebler to offer some twists on the always popular s’mores. As a father, Burtka understands that families are always looking for ways to get everyone in the kitchen. All the laughs and conversations through the baking process makes each bite taste even sweeter.

Still, many families want recipes that are easy to create. By using ingredients, like the iconic Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, that are already in the pantry, everyone is set up for recipe success. Even if your version of these desserts isn’t Instagram perfection, the flavors will make you want to make a second batch for next weekend.

According to Ryan Nolan, Brand Manager at Ferrara, makers of Keebler cookies. “Leveraging unique recipe spins from our partner and chef David Burtka, such as substituting our family-favorite Fudge Stripes Cookies for traditional graham crackers, not only takes the classic dessert to a new level, but also encourages families to come together to make the treat their own.”

creative s’mores recipes, David Burtka, Keebler
David Burtka and Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies S’mores Recipes, photo provided by Keebler /

Here are the David Burtka and Keebler Fudge Stripe creative s’mores recipes.

The S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich

Who doesn’t scream for ice cream? This S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich idea is simple perfection. In a single bite, you can enjoy all the classic flavors.

First, add some toasted mini marshmallows into vanilla ice cream. You could customize the marshmallows however you like (flavored marshmallows, shapes, etc.). Also, fold some crumbled cookie pieces into the ice cream, too.

One little trick, let the ice cream soften a little before folding in the ingredients. The softer ice cream allows for all the ingredients to be more easily incorporated into the ice cream.

To assemble the ice cream sandwich, take a small scoop of the ice cream and put it in between two Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies. Make sure to have some napkins on hand.

Also, you could layer this ice cream sandwich in a parfait. By using a spoon, you won’t have to worry about spilling on your shirt.

The S’mores Cookie Bar

The whole family will love making this S’mores Cookie Bar recipe. The kids will want to smash all the graham crackers to make the crust. Getting the kids involved with the baking process ensures that they will want to have an extra taste.

This layered bar has all the classic s’mores flavors while elevating the dessert in a tasty way. The Keebler cookies bring both a new flavor and texture to the flavor experience.

Since everyone has a personal preference about their preferred marshmallow doneness, consider making two batches, one with extra toasted marshmallows on top and another with less toasted. Having extra of this dessert in the house is always a good idea.

These creative s’mores recipes are just two options for families looking to enjoy a new twist on the classic s’mores. Why not get into the kitchen and spark some of your own creativity. It could be the next great recipe that everyone will want to try.

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What is your favorite s’mores recipe? Are you excited to try these David Burtka and Keebler recipes?