Ultimate LaCroix pairings that bring out the flavors in your favorite foods

LaCroix pairings, photo provided by LaCroix
LaCroix pairings, photo provided by LaCroix /

Give your favorite foods a boost with these LaCroix pairings.

While many people talk about food and wine pairings or even beer pairing, LaCroix pairings might bring out even more creative food and beverage pairings. From a touch of sweet to a tropical boost, it might be time to plan a menu around your favorite LaCroix beverage. Are you thirsty and hungry yet?

Many people have a couple of cans of LaCroix chilled in the refrigerator. While some people have a favorite flavor, sometimes it can be tasty to think beyond that go-to option. Sometimes a new flavor can be quite enjoyable.

Although many people think about wine or beer pairings with certain foods, the same concept can be applied to LaCroix pairings. Certain flavors work well together and other flavors might be avoided. Flavors that complement, not compete, are always a better choice.

Here are some recommended LaCroix pairings.

Taco Tuesday

If you are looking to skip the margarita or beer, how about a Lime LaCroix. Whether it is a shrimp taco with some lime marinade or a flank steak with some chimichurri, the lime flavor can be the bright citrus note to play off those taco flavors.

Lobster Roll

Everyone knows that a touch of lemon on that rich, buttery lobster makes it just taste better. Why not pop open a can of the classic Lemon LaCroix. It is instantly refreshing and helps to balance all the richness of the lobster.


Ready to sorbet?

While some people cannot resist chocolate, a lighter dessert can be a great way to end a meal. Why not take one of those fruity sorbets and add a touch of bubbly refreshment. Just like some alcoholic beverages use a floater, the LaCroix can be a great floater. Try to match the flavors, like a watermelon with a rainbow sorbet or a mango with a tropical sorbet.

S’mores anyone

During the summer, s’mores are a popular dessert. Why not pair that chocolate, marshmallow treat with a coconut LaCroix. It might bring so much refreshment that you can have a second s’more.

These LaCroix pairings are just a few of the many possibilities. Why not purchase a LaCroix variety pack and try various food and beverage pairings. You don’t have to worry about the extra calories or the ABV in these taste tests.

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What is your favorite LaCroix flavor? Do you have favorite LaCroix pairings?