Grape Soda Grapes are back at Sam’s Club and you’ll need two packages

Grape Soda Grapes at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club
Grape Soda Grapes at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Add a little pop to snack time with Grape Soda Grapes from Sam’s Club

When fruit is fun, snack time is even better. Grape Soda Grapes have returned, and everyone wants to pop a couple off the vine. Better head to Sam’s Club quick before they are gone.

While traditional grapes are always delicious, there has been a food trend in creative flavor combinations. Sometimes a little fun with fruits can entice people to choose fruits over that bowl of candy.

Grape Soda Grapes bring a little soda-like fun to the fruit bowl. While the flavor isn’t exactly like popping open a can of soda, there is a sweeter flavor to this fruity grape twist.

Available at Sam’s Club, these grapes are only available for a limited time. So, if you haven’t had them before or you have been craving them again, grab a package or two before they fly off store shelves.

If grape soda doesn’t entice you to eat your daily serving of fruit, Cotton Candy Grapes will be heading to Sam’s Club soon. These grapes taste like fairy floss from your favorite state fair. While these grapes might not leave your fingers tinged in bright colors, the sweet flavor will make you think you’re having a guilty snack versus a healthy one.

Although some purists prefer to skip over these flavor mash-up fruits, many parents use them as a way to get kids to eat more fruits. Whether it is a Cotton Candy Grape, a Grape-Apple or another fun fruit flavor combination, it can be the first step to get kids to eat more fruits. That afternoon fruit bowl snack could be a daily habit, not a struggle.

Why not grab a package of Grape Soda Grapes, Cotton Candy Grapes or other fruit at Sam’s Club and start snacking. Sometimes healthy eating is quite tasty.

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Do you like these fruit flavor mash-ups? How do you get your kids to eat more fruit?