Sour Punch encourages fans to Embrace Your Punch with new candies

New Sour Punch Candy, photo provided by Sour Punch
New Sour Punch Candy, photo provided by Sour Punch /

Celebrate your unique self with new Sour Punch candies and Embrace Your Punch.

For many sour candy fans, Sour Punch has been one of their favorite candies. That connection to the popular candy is more than just enjoying a sweet treat. With the new Embrace Your Punch initiative and new non-sour flavors, the candy company encourages everyone to celebrate their own uniqueness.

Although sour candies have taken over food trends and store shelves, sometimes that sour pucker isn’t the flavor that people crave. Occasionally, people want to have sweeter treat. Now, Sour Punch is offering that option with its new candies.

The Sour Punch Sweet Bites are the only sweet, non-sour candy from the brand. While this candy is unique within the line, it is also celebrates the uniqueness within the brand’s fans.

According to Kristi Shafer, vice president of marketing, American Licorice Company, “Our new products for 2020 honor the inspiration our loyal customers have given us and serve as our tribute to them.” Just as the Sweet Bites celebrate uniqueness, the company celebrates the special qualities that make its fans so loyal.

The Embrace Your Punch idea is showcased on the Sweet Bites packaging. The four new flavors are a direct response to fans’ requests to the brand. The flavors include Dream Berry, Passion Punch, Grateful Grape and Cotton Candy. Available in six unique packages, these designs allow customers to pick the package that appeals best to them.

The new Sweet Bites will be available starting in November 2020. They will be available in a 9 ounce bag and a 5 ounce bag. Prices may vary depending on retailer.

Since Sour Punch is focusing on its fans, the Fan Favorites Bites will combine fans’ top-four requested flavors. Included in the package are grape, tangerine, fruit punch and lemon. Whether you eat one candy at a time or combination varying flavors in a single bite, each handful is a candy adventure.

The Fan Favorite Bites will be available in November 2020. They will be available in a 9 ounce bag and a 5 ounce bag with pricing varying depending on the retailer.

Although plastic straws are on some people’s don’t list, edible straws are a delicious treat. The SIP-N-CHEW Straws are the edible drinking straws that make any beverage more enjoyable. Available in Blue Raspberry and Cherry, these “straws” can be used with iced or frozen beverages.

Thinking about the edible straws, the dessert fans will be pushing their recipe creativity. Whether you want a sour packed sip or a combination of sweet and sour, the options are many. Just think about the milkshakes and floats that are possible with these candies.

The SIP-N-CHEW Straws will be available in November 2020.

Continuing the idea of celebrating its fans, Sour Punch has listened and is bringing the most requested flavor to the candy aisle. Grape is the most requested candy flavor and grape straws are here. This flavor is available online.

If you are ready to Embrace Your Punch, Sour Punch is delivering the candies that celebrate that uniqueness. Are you craving some candy yet?

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