Best Sour Candies that pack a big sour punch flavor

Jelly Belly Sours, photo provided by Jelly Bell
Jelly Belly Sours, photo provided by Jelly Bell /

Ever wonder which best sour candies pack the tastiest sour punch flavor.

If you love a good pucker flavor, these best sour candies should be on the must try list. Over the past couple of years, sour candy has seen a huge surge in popular. From popular brands getting a sour makeover to classic sour candies, the candy bowl is full of option. If you are ready to get your pucker on, here are some sour candies to always have in the house.

Jelly Belly Sours

Jelly Belly is always a popular choice for jelly beans. Over the years, its creative flavors excited candy fans. From the super fiery challenge to seasonal favorites, there is a Jelly Belly for every occasion.

The Jelly Belly Sours have five flavors in the mix. They are Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Grape, Sour Lemon and Sour Orange. These flavors are classics. Each flavor is not too sour but just enough pucker to satisfy.

Sour Punch

Like many people who grew up in the 90s, Sour Punch was the must have candy. Now at 30 years, that candy still delivers that big sour flavor.

From Sour Punch straws to the adorable Narwhal shape, each and every version offers a whole lot of punch.

While the brand has brought back some of its original packaging for the 30th anniversary, the newer Sour Punch Bites are quite tasty. Maybe it is the poppable size or ability to combine flavors, these smaller sized candies are quite tasty.


Candy fans know that Trolli is always weirdly awesome. Whether it is its Crawlers, unique shapes or classic shapes, those candies bring fun to the sour candy space.

If you are looking for a new twist in the sour candy space, the Trolli Crunchy Crawlers add a crunch to the gummy candy. Sometimes the dual candy texture makes a classic flavor new again.


While not the boldest sour flavor, SweeTARTS have that perfect balance of sweet and tart. From the classic round candies to the new Wonder Woman Golden Ropes, each and every bite satisfies. Maybe you can even have a flavor tasting of all the SweeTARTS offerings.

Probably the most extreme sour on the list is Warheads. While there is that touch of sweet, it is the bold sour that brings people back time and again.

In the Warheads line, there is a wide variety of options. From small candies to chewy cubes to even a spray, there is an option for every flavor craving.

This list of best sour candies only shares a few of the many options in the candy aisle. With new candies arriving on store shelves every day, another new bold pucker candy could be on the horizon. Are you craving a taste?

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What is your favorite sour candy? What candy should be on our list?