Nespresso adds KAHAWA ya CONGO to its Reviving Origins line

Nespresso announces the launch of KAHAWA ya CONGO, photo provided by Nespresso
Nespresso announces the launch of KAHAWA ya CONGO, photo provided by Nespresso /

Start the day with Nespresso Reviving Origins KAHAWA ya CONGO.

While the morning coffee ritual offers a meaningful impact to the day, Nespresso is looking to do more with that cup of coffee. As part of its Reviving Origins line, the brand added a new, USDA certified organic coffee, KAHAWA ya CONGO. As coffee drinkers enjoy this exceptional blend, that coffee offers a positive change to global farming communities.

For some people, coffee is a ritual. Whether it is carefully picking the blend to the special mug  to slowly sip that delicious brew, it is more than a grab and go caffeine fix. Even though that process is important to the coffee drinker, it might not take into consideration how the coffee comes to cup.

Nespresso has put an emphasis on supporting the coffee farmer. Its program of Reviving Origins looks to support that coffee community. From bean to brew, the change needs to start at the beginning. By working to be a support and resource for coffee farmers, the company hopes to foster a community for a better future.

The new KAHAWA ya CONGO is part of the Reviving Origins program. The US exclusive coffee is harvested from one of the world’s best coffee regions. But, the area is struggling. From lack of clean water to healthcare challenges, the area needs assistance. Through this program, Nespresso offers that assistance as well helping farmers to grow coffee sustainably for now and the future.

Nespresso announces the launch of KAHAWA ya CONGO, photo provided by Nespresso /

According to Alfonso Gonzalez, CEO of Nespresso North America, the brand has seen “the transformative power of coffee” and looks to continue to “deliver the highest quality coffee to consumers across the globe,”

Additionally, Gonzalez said, “Through our Reviving Origins program, we are inviting the Nespresso community to participate with us and see the direct impact.” The goal is to see “the long-term positive impact for farmers and their communities.”

While the program is a reason to try the KAHAWA ya CONGO, the coffee’s flavor will bring coffee drinkers back cup after cup. This coffee is described as “smooth with nutty, cereal-like aromas.” Additionally, “With milk, the aromas transform into a light, sweet and creamy cup full of biscuit notes, a hint of walnut, and a silky texture.”

Thinking about these flavors, this coffee could be a lovely way to start the day. While there seems to be a touch of sweetness, it is not a cup of sugar to kick of the day. The balance will make one cup satisfying but at the same time a second cup might be warranted.

From the daily morning ritual to a leisurely Sunday brunch, this coffee will quickly become a popular choice. It is approachable enough for the casual coffee drinker yet sophisticated enough for the advanced palate.

If you are ready to do more with your coffee, consider supporting Nespresso’s Reviving Origins coffee program. Sometimes a cup of coffee can and does make a difference.

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How do you choose your coffee? Does the story behind the coffee impact what you drink?