Ice cream for breakfast isn’t a food fantasy

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Ice cream for breakfast or a Keto Frappuccino could be a great way to start the day.

Have you ever wanted ice cream for breakfast? While many people happily grab that latte, muffin or even donut for breakfast, why can’t there be ice cream on the table. In one case, ice cream can, and maybe should, be on the breakfast table.

Thinking about this concept, some healthier ice creams could be a simple swap for other more calorie dense ingredients. If you are going to have a coffee drink with 750 calories, why couldn’t you have an ice cream based drink with half of those calories.

That idea is the concept behind Mammoth Creameries Keto Frappuccino. With so many people creating Secret Menu Frappuccinos of other crazy concoctions, why can’t people use a better for you ice cream choice to make a Keto Frappuccino.

If you are not familiar with Mammoth Creameries, the brand is a frozen treat that is keto friendly, diabetic conscious and made from real, natural ingredients. The idea is if you are going to have a sweet treat for breakfast, why not choose a better for you option.

Recently, Mammoth Creameries shared its version of a Keto Frappuccino. The recipe is quite simple. Basically, it is cold brew coffee blended with Mammoth Vanilla Bean.

This recipe swap shows that ice cream for breakfast is a possibility. While it might not be a daily ritual, it can be a sometimes treat.

Swapping out a healthier ice cream for a sugar laden ingredient is a great idea. Why not use a scoop of ice cream on pancakes instead of copious amounts of syrup? What about using some ice cream to make a parfait? The options are many.

In reality, ice cream for breakfast is a possibility. It just has to be the right ice cream.

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What is your favorite splurge meal or dish? Have you considered ice cream for breakfast?