Chipotle free delivery Monday scores big with fans

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Tasty Monday motivation with Chipotle free delivery Monday.

Kick off the week with Chipotle free delivery Monday. Now through September 28, the popular fast casual restaurant that focuses on responsibly sourced, real food is looking to score big with guests. With a $10 or more order, guests will get free delivery. In addition to the free delivery, sports fans could score even more prizes.

As part of the Chipotle free delivery Monday promotion, the brand is offering Chipotle Rewards members the potential of the ultimate 1 and 1 with the Free Delivery Monday Matchup. This special promotion could win fans free burritos for a year. That prize is the ultimate score.

The Free Delivery Monday Matchup runs now through September 28. Each week, Chipotle selects one sporting event and asks Chipotle Rewards members to predict the final score. According to the terms, “Chipotle will award up to 10 Free Delivery Monday Matchup Winners with free burritos for a year each week through September 28. If more than 10 fans correctly predict the matchup of the week’s final score, Chipotle will randomly select the winners.”

Whether you can channel your best Johnny Carson Carnac, are the ultimate sports predictor or are just lucky, why wouldn’t you enter. The chance at getting free burritos for a year is worth it. More importantly, it is a fun promotion that get everyone involved.

As Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle said, “Sports are officially back, and fans want to be a part of the action even though stadiums are empty. Free Delivery Monday Matchup gives our Rewards members an opportunity to gamify their favorite Chipotle orders in parallel with live sports for the chance to win real food and big-time bragging rights.”

Since sports and good food brings people together, this promotion is a huge win for Chipotle. Even if you know nothing about tonight’s matchup of men’s professional basketball team, you can join the discussion. Sometimes that feeling of community is just as important as tasty food on the table.

This new promotion is one of many items that Chipotle is doing to connect with its fans. From Chipotle fashion to these types of special promotions, the idea is to bring the brand into the common collective and part of a person’s lifestyle. It becomes more than just that burrito for lunch.

This Monday and many more will have a little more motivation with this Chipotle free delivery Monday offer. Maybe you can even share a burrito with a friend who can help you with that sports score prediction.

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Will you be ordering Chipotle today? What is your favorite restaurant promotion?