Hard Rock Stadium donates over 1 million meals to the community

Hard Rock Stadium millions meals, photo provded by Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium
Hard Rock Stadium millions meals, photo provded by Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium /

With over 1 million meals donated, Hard Rock Stadium and Centerplate make a difference.

In a world of uncertainty, a plate of food can be more than just feeding a hunger. Hard Rock Stadium and its hospitality partner, Centerplate, have surpassed the 1 million meals donation mark. While that number is staggering, all that donated food is making a difference in South Florida.

Many of these food donations have gone to DeliverLean, food dependent families, at-risk senior citizens, shelters and more. Basically, all this food helped to provide assistance to combat food insecurity.

As communities continue to struggle in the current climate, food donations are plate of hope. Over the recent months, these food donations are more than just helping the community. The programs help to keep some people employed, keep food channels open and show that people can still work together. For example, this program has kept over 40 employees on staff.

Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Jason Jenkins, said “We appreciate the commitment that Centerplate’s team has shown amidst these extraordinary times and admire the strength that our community has shown throughout this pandemic. The overall program has also generated jobs and revenue for the local restaurant industry, while employing guest services and security staff at the stadium that have been idled as a result of COVID-19-related event cancellations.”

Even as the Hard Rock Stadium looks to open its doors for the upcoming NFL and college football season, this food donation program shows that the stadium and its staff are more than just the place to watch your favorite sports or see an epic live performance. It is an important part of the community and an organization that is willing to step up in times of need.

With Hard Rock Stadium opening its doors soon, those cheers in the stand for a great play aren’t the only cheers that should be heard. Why not applaud the hard working men and women who helped to keep food coming out of those stadium kitchens.

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