Food Network Halloween shows are sweet, savory and spooky

Host Jonathan Bennett, as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9. photo provided by Food Network
Host Jonathan Bennett, as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 9. photo provided by Food Network /

The treats are frightful and delightful on Food Network Halloween shows.

The kitchen has a spooky glow as Food Network Halloween shows take over September’s Food Network programming. From fan favorites, like Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship, to some new eerie delights, these food TV shows are both tricks and treats in a single bite.

The spooky season is coming early when the Food Network Halloween shows start on Sunday, September 13. With over 35 hours of Halloween-inspired programming, Food Network fans will be feel the shock and awe of this edible artistry. Could these shows inspire you to turn your kitchen into a mad scientist’s Halloween inspired lab?

Kicking off the Halloween programming is Halloween Wars. The uber popular Food Network show hosted by Jonathan Bennet will feature six teams. The three team members, a cake artist, an expert pumpkin artist and a master sugar artist will try to shock and awe the judges. Will these Halloween displays become part of your edible frightful fantasies?

While Halloween Wars pushes the fearful factor, Halloween Baking Championship blends the fun and fear. For this season, Carla Hall takes over both hosting and judging duties. Also, the always entertaining Zac Young returns to the judging table.

Each season, Halloween Baking Championship has become more and more entertaining. While the judges’ costumes usually make everyone’s jaws drop, the dessert artistry is becoming even more impressive. Some of those treats are almost too frightful to eat.

A new Halloween inspired show, Outrageous Pumpkins, will be visually stunning. Hosted by Alyson Hannigan, these pumpkin carvings are not like the ones on your doorstep. This outdoor pumpkin playground could be the most extreme competition yet.

Lastly, Worst Cooks in America: Halloween Redemption will have everyone watching the culinary hopefuls show that they are no longer culinary nightmares. Joining Anne Burrell in this Halloween-inspired competition is Carla Hall. It seems that Hall is taking over the Food Network Halloween programming this year.

These Food Network Halloween shows are just a few of the many Halloween inspired programming on the network. From special shows to Halloween themes on popular Food Network shows, the spooky season is here.

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What are your favorite Food Network Halloween shows? Do these showsinspire your Halloween treats?