Funfetti Mermaid Frosting and Funfetti Llama Frosting make for colorful baking

Pillsbury Funfetti icing, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Funfetti icing, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Colorful baking is easy with Funfetti Mermaid Frosting and Funfetti Llama Frosting.

While baking always inspires creativity, Funfetti Mermaid Frosting and Funfetti Llama Frosting will have kids and adults finding a reason to bake. If you have always wanted more colorful baking, these two Pillsbury frostings make it easy.

For many people, baking is fun. Although that birthday cake is reason to celebrate, a colorful cake or cupcake can turn any day into a celebration. From the sparkly sprinkles to the creative flavors, sometimes that sweet treat is the smile that everyone needs.

While the unicorn trend was huge, mermaids and llamas have taken over the baking aisle as well. Whether it is channeling that underwater mythical creature or looking to stand out in a crowd, the mermaid and llama have become favorite decorating themes.

The Funfetti Mermaid Pink Strawberry Frosting is a first for the Funfetti line. As the first Strawberry frosting, the color and the flavor are vibrant. Pillsbury describes the frosting as “mermazing.” While it might not transport you under the sea, it will entice you to put a little extra frosting on that cake or cupcake.

Each frosting container includes “white shell-shaped sprinkles, purple mermaid tall-shaped sprinkles and blue and silver sprinkles.” Whether you cover all the mermazing color with all the sprinkles or try to create a theme, the creativity is all in your hands.

Funfetti Llama Frosting
Pillsbury Funfetti icing, photo provided by Pillsbury /

The Funfetti Llam Love Purple Vanilla Frosting is all about the purple color. With the llama shaped sprinkles and blue sequin sprinkles, it definitely stands out in a crowd.

In a way, the llama themed frosting makes a bolder visual than the mermaid option. From the various colors to the purple, many people will be drawn to this Funfetti frosting.

The two new Funfetti Frostings have a varied retail price of $1.30-$2.50 each.

Are you ready for some colorful baking? From cakes, cupcakes to almost anything imaginable, the new Funfetti Frostings offer a lot of creativity in the kitchen.

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What are your favorite baking themes?