HI-CHEW Flavor Games: Which candy flavor reigns supreme?

HI_CHEW Flavor Games, photo provided by Cristine Struble
HI_CHEW Flavor Games, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

HI-CHEW Flavor Games ask fans to pick the best candy flavor.

While sports returned to the field, the HI-CHEW Flavor Games looks to be the tastiest competition for September. In a winner take all bracket, fans will choose one candy flavor to reigns supreme.

In recent months, this popular candy brand has innovated in many ways. From the fruit combos to the combination flavor packages, it seems that people cannot get enough of that fruity, chewy candy.

While the U.S. version of HI-CHEW has certain popular flavors, the parent company, Morinaga America, Inc has created over 200 flavors over its 45 year existence. While candy is always fun, the brand has pushed flavor innovation in the fruit chew space. Beyond the classics of grape or strawberry, global flavors have become part of the food conversation.

Previously, HI-CHEW held an East vs West flavor showdown. In 2018, a new candy flavor was added to the HI-CHEW U.S. flavor line-up. After fans voted, Dragonfruit joined the popular fruity-chewy candy brand.

According to Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Moringa America, Inc “We’re excited to engage consumers once again in HI-CHEW’s unique flavor journey to see which offerings peaks their interest and will excite their taste buds.”

In this year’s competition , the HI-CHEW Flavor Games offer a huge bracket style flavor showdown. Each week, flavors will go head to head in the ultimate flavor match-up. In the end, one flavor will be proclaimed the winner.

Now through September 29, the HI-CHEW Flavor Games are asking fans to decide between 20 exotic flavors. Only one flavor will be tops. Each week, new flavor pairings will be revealed.

Recently, I have an opportunity to taste test the HI-CHEW Flavor Games offerings. While I do not want to influence anyone’s vote, a few flavors definitely caught my eye. With 20 different flavors, it does take a while to properly sample them all.

HI-CHEW Flavor Games
HI-CHEW Flavor Games, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

There are many familiar flavors and some more globally influenced options. Of course, many people will be drawn to options like strawberry lemonade, melon and even blueberry. Each of those classic flavors bring the juicy, fruity flavors that people have come to expect from HI-CHEW.

Personally, I like to push the candy flavor creativity. The Yuzu flavor offers a big citrus punch. It makes you sit up and take notice.

While the name might make you think of a different flavor, La France is pear-licious. In a way, it is reminiscent of a pear freshly picked from a tree.

Also, persimmon is the perfect blend of a touch of roasted chili with a mango twist. If you love persimmon in recipes, this candy will impress.

Lastly, the Red Apple & Strawberry combination might surge to the top. Although it is not part of the exotic fruit flavor trend, this combination of two classics hits a new note. It might inspire a whole new way of enjoying red apple and strawberry combination.

Be sure to follow HI-CHEW on socials to see the winning flavor. The HI-CHEW Flavors Game winner will be announced on September 30.

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What is your favorite HI-CHEW flavor? What flavor do you think should reign supreme?