PepsiCo’s bubly sparkling water and Project Sunshine bring kids bubly beats

bubly partners with Project Sunshine, photo provided by bubly
bubly partners with Project Sunshine, photo provided by bubly /

With bubly beats, bubly and Project Sunshine bring smiles to kids.

While a can of bubly sparkling water always brings a smile, this new partnership with Project Sunshine looks to bring smiles to kids and families who need that moment of happiness. Sometimes that simple smile really makes a difference.

Over the past several months, many families have had to adapt to a new normal. While the learning at home and less interaction may make people feel separated, some families have even greater isolation. For families with children in hospitals, the changes come with even more struggles.

With stricture hospital visitation policies, many pediatric patients and their families are looking to find those happy moments, a sense of normal or just a break from that endless focus on health concerns. Sometimes finding a reason to smile might be harder than it seems.

The bubly beats kits look to encourage play and hopefully bring a moment to smile. Each musical kit comes with a variety of items to inspire some musical fun. From a maraca to rockstar sunglasses, children can channel their inner Michael Buble.

Sometimes a little music can be that moment of happy. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the best musician, a pitch perfect singer or even be able to keep a beat. Just taking a moment to focus on just music and fun can be that distraction to make the day seem a little better.

While bubly and Project Sunshine are sending hundreds of these special kits to hospitals around the country, those shared musical smiles aren’t limited to just those pediatric patients and their families. Everyone can get some musically inspired fun online.

Project Sunshine offers a downloadable kit for everyone. Whether the kids need a brain break from eLearning or adults need a little distraction from another Zoom call, these activities can bring the smiles all around.

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How do you bringing smiles to people in your life?