Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball puts the wine in cheese

Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar Cheese ball, photo provided by Kaukauna
Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar Cheese ball, photo provided by Kaukauna /

Rosé wine has a new pairing with Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball.

Wine and cheese pairings are always delightful and Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball is a game changer. Now that rosé all day tradition isn’t limited to the wine class. Kaukauna puts the wine in the cheese.

Many people are familiar with Kaukauna. The Wisconsin cheese brand is known for its cheese balls. Since 1918, the brand has been providing delicious cheeses. As the nation’s largest manufacturer of cheese balls, many people have served this delicious food in a variety of occasions. From entertaining to simple afternoons at home, the cheese plate is always tasty with Kaukauna.

The new Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball blends quality aged white cheddar cheese with a semi-sparkling rosé wine. Then, the cheese ball is covered in a crunchy almond coating.

According to Shelly Sternard, Senior Associate Brand Manager of Kaukauna, “Whether displayed alongside crackers and veggies or incorporated into an appetizer, Rosé White Cheddar is perfectly compatible with classic fall flavors, and its versatility makes for a wonderful spread.”

For many people, rosé wine is more than just a summer beverage. The rosé all day is rosé every day, every way.

Beyond the wine in the glass, the cheese plate and cheese board are a popular food trend. From the using numbers to create the picture-perfect plate or turning the appetizer into a meal, the creativity in presentation and flavors is impressive.

With the new Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball the flavor and texture offer the perfect bite. The slight sweetness from the wine balances the sharpness from the cheddar.

Additionally, the crunchy almond coating adds a level of texture. Although not every bite has almonds, the added texture is satisfying.

Lastly, consider a buttery cracker to pair with this cheese ball. The idea is to let the flavor of the cheese ball come through in every bite. The cracker does not need to overpower the cheese ball.

The new Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar cheese ball joins Kaukauna’s lineup of cheese balls. There are six year-round varieties and three seasonal flavors.

The flavors include: Rosé White Cheddar, White Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Port Wine, Smoky Bacon, Parmesan Ranch, Pepper Jack (seasonal flavor, available starting in September), Asiago (seasonal flavor, available starting in September) and Bacon Jalapeño (seasonal flavor, available starting in September).

Kaukauna is available at various retailers nationwide, included Walmart, Albertson’s, Jewel and other retailers. The new cheese ball flavor will have a suggested retail price of $5.49 to $6.99.

Are you ready to rosé in your glass and on your cheese plate? It is time to take a bite of Kaukauna Rosé White Cheddar Cheese Ball.

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