Fancy Sprinkles Halloween collection inspires pop culture Halloween baking

New Goosebumps Fancy Sprinkles, photo provided by Fancy Sprinkles
New Goosebumps Fancy Sprinkles, photo provided by Fancy Sprinkles /

Halloween baking brings goosebumps thanks to Fancy Sprinkles Halloween collection.

Move over candy corn, Fancy Sprinkles Halloween collection is making Halloween baking a colorful, magical experience. From cookies to cupcakes, these baking decorations will fill the spooky season with some sparkly magic. Ready to get baking?

When it comes to Halloween baking, the kitchen is both frightful and delightful. While some people might like to get the spine-tingling reaction others would prefer a more subtle spook. Sometimes a little sparkle goes a long way to make that spooky treat shine bright.

Fancy Sprinkles always delivers the bold visual with its sprinkle collections. From the summertime fun to the classic color combinations, these decorations are perfect for any and every occasion. Whether it is a little shimmer in the glass to a bold cake covering, there is always something creative coming from the container.

For Halloween, the Fancy Sprinkles Halloween collection draws inspiration from pop culture. From Haunted Mansion to Goosebumps, everyone will see the connection. Even if you are a novice baker these sprinkles will make your Halloween treats look the part.

Included in the Fancy Sprinkles Halloween Collection are: Goosebumps, Haunted Mansion, Walking Dead, Basic Witch, Sugar Wraith, Crystal Ball, Freak Show and Yummy Mummy. While the names might give a hint about the color schemes, the visuals really impress.

With a nod to the 90s pop culture, the Goosebumps sprinkles bring the colors from the classic Goosebumps books covers. The greens and purples will bring back many of those childhood memories.

For Disney fans missing their Halloween events, the Haunted Mansion inspired collection might make you wish for another ride into that iconic house. With colors of Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Black and Silver, you might want to make a few extra treats for those ghostly guests.

Since zombies are always a popular choice for Halloween, the Walking Dead inspired offering brings those drab colors to life. Hopefully, a bite of these treats will not change your Halloween cravings.

The Fancy Sprinkles Halloween collection is available now. Prices for the various themes vary.

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What is your Halloween baking inspiration?