KIT KAT Flavor Club lets candy fans taste new flavor innovations

KIT KAT Flavor Club, photo provided by KIT KAT
KIT KAT Flavor Club, photo provided by KIT KAT /

KIT KAT Flavor Club brings flavor innovations directly to fans.

Have you ever wanted a first taste? With the new KIT KAT Flavor Club, the popular Hershey’s candy is giving candy fans a special preview of the latest and greatest flavor innovations. How can you be part of the club?

From Instagram posts to Reddit discussions, candy fans are always looking to be the first person to discover a new taste, flavor or trend. While many people might salivate over the perfect foodie photo, a scratch, sniff and edible social media feed isn’t part of everyone’s current reality.

Although many people might scour the shelves for the first sighting, the first taste of a new candy is the ultimate find. Whether you hide that precious gift in bag of kale chips or eat it quickly before anyone can find the evidence, there is something about being one of the first people to take that coveted bite.

KIT KAT wants to give a special group of candy fans the opportunity to join an elite candy club. Could you become a member of the KIT KAT Flavor Club?

Unlike some exclusive clubs, this candy club doesn’t come with a huge membership price tag or difficult vetting process. Anyone can enter and have the opportunity to become part of the KIT KAT Flavor Club via a special sweepstakes.

Over the past year, KIT KAT has been pushing flavor innovations. While everyone loves breaking into that bar and deserves that sweet treat, the classic wafer covered in chocolate has evolved.

From seasonal flavors to the new DUOS varieties, KIT KAT shows that the brand wants to embrace flavors without straying too far from the iconic combinations that have made it a candy icon.

Part of the reason why the brand is launching the KIT KAT Flavor Club is to listen to the candy fans. While food trends might say that global flavors are filling the shelves, KIT KAT fans might prefer a different approach.

According to Amy Minderman, director KIT KAT Brand. “It is important for us to hear feedback from our fans, so that we can continue to create flavors they love.” When fans love the flavors, they will come back time and again to rediscover why that “break” satisfies their craving.

The first KIT KAT Flavor Club will launch in Fall 2020 and additional kits will arrive in 2021. For the first launch, the kit will feature the new KIT KAT DUOS mocha + chocolate. This highly anticipated new flavor could be the hit of the holiday season.

If you want the chance to be part of the KIT KAT Flavor Club, the sweepstakes is open now through September 29 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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Could you be the envy of all your candy loving friends? What is your favorite KIT KAT flavor?