Goldfish celebrates Family Game Night with GOldFISH Card Game

GOldFISH card game for family game night, photo provided by Goldfish
GOldFISH card game for family game night, photo provided by Goldfish /

Goldfish has a new way to bring Family Game Night and snacking together.

Quality family time is more important than ever, and Goldfish wants to do more than be that snack that smiles back. Now, those smiling crackers have inspired a family-friendly activity for game night, GOldFISH Card Game.

While families often have busy schedules, quality family time is a priority. Whether it is written in ink on the family calendar, a standing weekly event or just a few moments in between the chaos, families understand that those moments around the table are important.

As seen in a recent research study. “96% of Americans who live with or visit children regularly agree that the quality time they spend with their family is one of the most fun parts of their current day-to-day routine.” Based on those findings, it seems that those little breaks help to balance daily life. Even as days can blur together, those smiling moments can be the small presents during the day.

While people appreciate that quality family time, “nearly eight in ten (75%) Americans who regularly spend time with kids in their family are “extremely” or “very” interested in finding new activities that could be fun to do together.” Although people might like the familiar, a little excitement to the routine can keep that quality family time engaging. In some ways, that “new” factor can entice families to engage those moments even more.

Since Goldfish snacks are often part of these quality family time moments, the brand has found a way to combine the snack that smiles back with a new family activity. GOldFISH Card Game blends snacking and a classic card game that everyone can enjoy.

The GOldFISH Card Game features playing cards shaped like the iconic Goldfish crackers. While the shape of the cards are fun, there are many ways for families to blend the card game and snacks. From “fishing” in the snack bowl to conversations about the favorite flavored snacks, there are many ways to blend gaming and snacks.

To celebrate National Family Day, Goldfish is giving away 100 of these card games. All the details are on @GoldfishSmiles Instagram page. The giveaway ends on September 26, 2020.

Whether you have fish shaped cards, an old batter deck of playing cards or plan another game for family game night, take a moment to appreciate that quality family time. From the smiles around the table to the laughs that echo through the house, those family moments are memories that will last a lifetime.

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What is your favorite family game night activity?