Halloween baking gets slimed with Pillsbury Funfetti Slime

Pillsbury Funfetti Slime line, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Funfetti Slime line, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Pillsbury Funfetti Slime makes Halloween baking sweet and spooky.

While the Halloween candy might be plentiful, Pillsbury Funfetti Slime is the newest way to make family Halloween baking sweet and spooky. Time to brush the cobwebs off the oven and get baking.

When it comes to baking, kids tend to love colorful treats. From the mermaids to unicorns to even llamas, plain chocolate cake and icing is too boring. A wide array of colors are a feast for the eyes.

Even though this year’s spooky season might have a different look, kids still want their special treats. Whether it is trick or treating inside your own house or just finding a special way to celebrate the spooky season, sweet and spooky treats top the must have list.

New to the Pillsbury Funfetti line is Pillsbury Funfetti Slime. Available in frosting, cake mix and brownie mix, these baking items might make you think that the Ghostbusters need to come do an eco-plasama cleanup. From the green coloring to the googley eyes, kids will be excited to get into the kitchen and do some Halloween baking.

The Funfetti Slime Cake mix is the first seasonal chocolate cake mix for the product line. Mixed into the batter are green, purple, orange and white candy bits. While a white cake might have made colors pop more, chocolate is definitely a Halloween flavor. Everything is a little darker and richer during the spooky season.

Pillsbury Funfetti Slime
Pillsbury Funfetti Slime line, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Of course, that Halloween cake needs some frosting. The Funfetti Slime Frosting is slime green with purple and black sprinkles. Since baking always comes with a side of creativity, the black and white eyeball sprinkles let everyone add their own spark. Whether your cupcake has eyes everywhere or you just have a cyclops, these Halloween baking treats are frightful and delightful.

Lastly, the Funfetti Slime Brownie Mix brings the Halloween colors to the plate. With purple, green and white candy bits, these brownies might be the wicked witch’s favorite. Whether or not you top these brownies with the Funfetti Slime frosting is up to you.

The Pillsbury Funfetti Slime offerings will be available while supplies last through October. Check with your local retailers for availability.

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What is your favorite Halloween baking treat?