7-Eleven is giving everyone free pizza and that’s heavenly

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Free pizza is the perfect reason to thank heaven for 7-Eleven.

While famous convenience store is part of many people’s routine, 7-Eleven is giving everyone a reason to smile. With the promise of free pizza for everyone, this special offer is more than just a slice of happiness.

Although the words unprecedented, pivot and various other phrases have been overused in 2020, this year has left everyone looking for reasons to celebrate, bring some happiness to the table or just break up the monotony that is part of the day.

On October 4, 7-Eleven is giving away free pizza to everyone. Not just a slice, but a whole free pizza. Do you think that there is a catch, must purchase requirement or something else to get that free food? No, there’s no catch, really.

The free pizza offer is available only on October 4. It is available through the 7NOW app. Customers can place an order for pickup or delivery. Customers can choose from cheese, pepperoni, and extreme meat varieties.

Raghu Mahadevan Vice President of Digital and Head of Delivery said, “The only thing better than hot pizza is free hot pizza, and even better than that is free hot pizza delivered directly to your door within 30 minutes. For those who haven’t ever tried a delicious 7-Eleven pizza, or the 7NOW delivery app, this offer is the perfect time to enjoy a giant free sample on us, especially when homegating this sports season.”

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With this free pizza offering coming on a Sunday, it could make homegating even easier. Pizza and football are always a winning combination. By offering consumers convenience and savings, consumer loyalty is increased.

Since 7-Eleven has always been America’s convenience store, the 7NOW app is offering consumers even more convenience. Whether it is special savings or being able to order favorite food from the comfort of the couch, the company continues to adapt to food trends. It becomes a habit to just open the app and order. Everything that people want is at their fingertips.

If you haven’t joined 7NOW app, the free pizza offer on October 4 is a great reason to discover it. Isn’t it time for you to say thank heaven for 7-Eleven.

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