Buffalo Wild Wings LCS Wing Bundle is a League of Legends winner

Buffalo Wild Wings LCS Wing Bundle , photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings LCS Wing Bundle , photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

You don’t have to be a gamer to order Buffalo Wild Wings LCS Wing Bundle.

After kicking off the Buffalo Wild Wings and League of Legends Championship Series partnership, B-Dubs has announced a new special menu item. Who’s hungry for the LCS Wing Bundle?

Special menu items often bring guests into a restaurant for another visit. Whether it is a brand partnership, a limited-edition menu item or just trying a new flavor, many people want the blend of the familiar and new.

For League of Legends fans, this week is a big event. With the LCS World Championships approaching, B-Dubs is offering fans a special treat. This menu deal will definitely produce big scores (or sales).

The LCS Wing Bundle offers 10 boneless wings, fries and a Red Bull. Also, each bundle includes a Hextech Chest and Key (League of Legends players will understand the reference). This bundle will definitely keep everyone fueled for all the league play.

The LCS Wing Bundle is available September 25 through October 31. For Blazin’ Rewards members the cost is $15.99 and it is available for takeout or free delivery via the Blazin’ Rewards app or via the restaurant’s website.

While the bundle is a great deal, one big decision must be made. What sauce will you have on your boneless wings? With four new sauces on the B-Dubs menu, it can be hard to pick between a popular favorite or a new flavor.


If you are looking to bring the heat, try the new Carolina Reaper Blazin’ sauce. The extreme spice from the Carolina Reaper pepper will keep your game play on fire.

For a more subtle flavor, consider the pizza sauce. It combines two classic sports foods into a single bite. It might become your new favorite B-Dubs flavor.

With this new menu promotion, it will be interesting to see how the partnership evolves. It seems that many more special events could be on the horizon.

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What is your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings menu item? Are you excite to try the LCS Wing Bundle?